Moviedle movie - What is today's Moviedle answer? (September 17)

The Moviedle game screen.
September 17, 2022: Here's your Woody Allen Moviedle movie answer.

Moviedle is just like Heardle, but now with video. Except, the video is an entire film. If you are struggling with the Moviedle movie, we have it right here to help you. It will be updated daily too, to make sure you are never missing out on a chance to keep a streak alive.

There are many new Wordle games on the block now, and we will always have coverage for the best ones! Keep your eyes peeled. Now, keep reading for the Moviedle answer down below.

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Moviedle movie - September 17, 2022

Today's Moviedle movie is Annie Hall. It's a Woody Allen flick starting the man himself.

How Do I Play Moviedle?

To play Moviedle you go to the site, and click the play button in the middle. It will then play one second of the video.

If you don't get it in the first second, you press skip. Then, press the play button again. You continue to skip until you get the footage, or you run out of guesses. You get six guesses in total, so use them wisely.

The Moviedle archive is easy to reach without any browser tinkering.
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Can I play previous Movidle puzzles? - Moviedle archive

Yes! Unlock most of the other Wordle clones out there, it's really easy to go back and play a previous day's Moviedle puzzle. Click the calender icon in the top-right corner of the screen to scroll back to previous days. You'll even get the chance to do this on the victory/loss screen as well.

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