Framed Clue - Hints for Framed Today

A picture of a film screen

A picture of a film screen
July 15, 2022: The latest Framed clue and hints are in for the movie puzzle today.

Looking for Framed clue or hints to keep that streak going? The Framed game is one of the more difficult Wordle clones. If you’re not quite up on cinema history or your idea of a good film differs from most, we'll have three helpful hints each day to aid in guessing the correct Framed movie answer.

Each Framed clue for the day will typically involve the movie’s genre and lead actors, along with famous lines if that’s relevant. It’s enough to compensate for Framed’s lack of help - a wrong guess gets you a new shot and nothing else. Rest assured that we’ll never spoil the film.

If you can't concentrate without knowing the solution you missed, check out our Wordle Answers list as well. We've also put together a list of games like Wordle in case you need more than a single daily dose of word-based fun. Our Heardle song list can help you nail that track as well.

Framed Clue and Hints For Today - July 15, 2022

  • Stars Clint Eastwood and Christopher Carley
  • Directed by Clint Eastwood
  • Released in 2008

Hopefully, these three little hints help to guess today's Framed answer. If not, we have the Framed answer list to keep your streak intact.

Framed clues and hints won't mean anything if you can't play the game.
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How Do I Play Framed?

You can play the Framed game for free through the website. As it's a browser game, it largely doesn't matter where you play it. Your phone, PC, tablet, and even your game console of choice will likely work.

Framed is the brand new movie guessing game that puts your cinema knowledge to the test. The aim of the game is simple: identify the correct film based on the screenshots shown. You’ll get a new clue after each incorrect guess. But pick carefully. You only have six guesses before failing the puzzle.

  • Red X: Incorrect guess
  • Green square: You won!

Once you're done, you can then share your results on social media for bragging rights (assuming you solved it). Each Framed clue is designed to give you a little helping hand without completely spoiling it.

The images should be enough if you actually know the movie, but a little bit of trivia via our Framed hints list above should help in those fringe cases where you're heard of the movie but not actually seen it.

There is no point-based system in the game. You will not receive any reward for uncovering the film in fewer guesses, and the chain resets if you fail a puzzle.

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