Wordlee Answers List - All Wordlee Solutions

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Image of a guess in progress in Wordlee

If the daily frolics of your favourite word guessing games aren't quite enough to fulfil your needs, our Wordlee answers list will certainly hit the spot. This mobile app - not available on browsers - is an endless fountain of word-based puzzles - and some of them can be awfully tricky. So we're here to help.

Our Wordlee answers list runs through the answers to the first batch of puzzles. Given there are hundreds upon hundreds of these things, you're bound to need a free pass from time to time. We'll also go over how you get started with Wordlee: by downloading it, understanding the rules, and knowing the best starting Wordlee word.


If you want to play the game that started it all, then check out our Wordle answer list for the solutions to each daily puzzle. If you don't want the answer spoon-fed to you, then our Wordle clue list will give you basic hints instead. And for Harry Potter fans out there, our Hogwartle word guide can help out with that specifically-themed clone.

Wordlee Answers List

Level Answer

See below for our ongoing list of the Wordlee answers, which we'll be consistently updating as we get through new levels. It's almost impossible to complete them all at once, as each level costs 50 coins to play. You only receive 150 coins each 12 hours as a log-in gift, so it's quite a slow process to plod your way through all the levels.


How Do I Play Wordlee?

Novice players will be pleased to know that playing Wordlee is exactly the same as playing Wordle. You have to guess a random five-letter word in six guesses, and you get more coins based on how few guesses it takes to find the answer.

As with Wordle, you start with five grey tiles before making a guess, at which point they can change colour. If the tile goes orange, it means the letter is within the word, but in the wrong position. If it goes green, it means it's absolutely where it needs to be.

You'll go through your six guesses, either until you get the target word or you run out of attempts. If you have enough coins, then you get to go again, as Wordlee has an unlimited run of puzzles rather than only letting you do one a day. It means you can go through the word puzzles as much as you liked - provided you've got the currency, that is!

Image of the Wordlee statistics screen.

What Is The Best Wordlee Starting Word?

Since the gameplay setup in Wordlee is identical to Wordle, it means the best starting words are the same. These are words that contain a good amount of coveted vowels, as well as an S, which comes in handy when the word is plural. As such, you'll want to try AUDIO, THERE, and SCAPE, due to the range of letters they contain. Using any one of these will almost always guarantee a few yellow tiles to get you started.

How Do I Play Previous Wordlee Levels?

Unlike most word games inspired by Wordle, there isn't a way to spoof the system into playing puzzles from the past. As Wordlee is more linear and doesn't operate on a daily puzzle system, this sort of thing just isn't possible. You can only move forwards, but luckily you don't have to wait a whole day to try the next challenge.


Therefore, the only way to properly replay Wordlee levels is to delete your game and data, and to start from square one on the first level. It'll be quite a laborious move if there's only a few specific levels you want to redo, so the chances are you'll probably look ahead to the next challenge rather than ones in the past.

That's it for our Wordlee answers list! We'll add more answers in batches over time, so check back often if you're struggling. For more word games, check out our Worldle country list, Heardle song guide, and Mathler answer list for geographic, musical, and mathematical games respectively.