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A Moviedle results screen.

A Moviedle results screen.
June 16, 2022: Today's Moviedle clue is here to help you on the right track!

Moviedle can be a tricky beast to master. Everybody's tastes are different, but our Moviedle clues and hints list can help bring out that lingering bit of knowledge. We understand that sometimes you just need a hint to help you keep the streak going, so we will have three hints every day to help you keep your Moviedle streak alive.

Each Moviedle clue will typically revolve around the starring actor, who directed the film, and when the film was released. If these clues aren't helpful or we feel that there is something more beneficial, then we may even throw in an extra quote that is recognisable from the film.

If these clues haven't helped and you want to know the answer, we do have a Moviedle answer list that you can look at. In case you want more games like this, we have a list you can look at where there are tonnes of Wordle-like games for you to enjoy. For example, Heardle is just like this game, but it's songs you are guessing instead of films.

Moviedle Clues and Hints for Today - May 22, 2022

  • Released in 1999
  • Stars Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • A romantic comedy directed by Gil Junger

Hopefully, the clues listed above have made it easier for you to guess the Moviedle for the day!

How Do I Play Moviedle?

To play Moviedle, you just head on over to their website, and click the big play button in the middle of the screen. It will give you a three-second countdown before showing you the one second of footage. If you press skip, you will be shown an additional second, and so on and so forth. You have six tries to guess the film.

If you managed to get it correctly, there are buttons to press to find it on streaming or to look it up on IMDB if you're interested in it. As well, you can share it on social media for all of the bragging rights!

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