Traha Global tier list (April 2024) - Best weapons for launch

A character fighting an unknown enemy in Traha Global.

A character fighting an unknown enemy in Traha Global.
April 2, 2024: Dive into the game this weekend with the Traha Global tier list.

Consulting with a Traha Global tier list before jumping in? It's a good idea. Though you're free to swap weapons whenever you want, hunting down the best types can save you a lot of heartache down the line. So unless you're just hoping to play what looks cool, picking your equipment from the list below will help you find groups and beat up bosses.

Entering the spotlight for all the wrong reasons recently, the launch of Traha Global has been an interesting one. It's been a slow year for MMOs outside of Lost Ark and the second-coming of New World, but releasing right before World of Warcraft: Dragonflight means this game's time in the sun is likely to be short and bittersweet.

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Traha Global tier list - Best weapons

Traha Global tier list




Dual Blades





Using a mix of other tier lists and fan reactions to them, we've put together the Traha Global tier list above to rank the best weapon types you can use in the game.

Because you're free to build out your character with whatever weapons and skills you want, it's almost impossible to grade classes when they can go from hardcore damage dealers to hybrid tanks and healers with very minor talent tweaks.

To keep things simple, we're using the Traha Global weapon tier list, which should give you an easy way to know why you're absolutely crushing it, or why you might be struggling.

Beyond the talent spread you choose, it really is all about the weapon you bring into battle.

The faction you choose doesn't matter. There's nothing to gain by being on one side of the coin or the other. Likewise, because your character and race options don't differ between the two factions, either, you're purely picking how you want to look. There are no racial benefits between them that might set one apart from another.

How to play Traha Global

You can play Traha Global both on PC and your phone or tablet. It's a multiplatform game, with cues like being asked to "tap the screen" on the Steam version still persisting from the original mobile launch.

It's cross-save compatible, too. So you can play on your phone during a commute in the morning, on your PC in the evening, and a little on your phone again before bed.

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