Traha Global codes (November 2022) - Free Diamond boxes and more

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Two fantasy characters stood in front of a sword in Traha Global.
November 25, 2022: Three new Traha Global codes dropped this morning. Get them used before the end of the year.

Looking for Traha Global codes? This new gacha game from Moai Games looks set to take mobile platforms and PC by storm, with extensive character customisation. If you're about to dive into the game but want a helping hand before you start, these Traha Global codes will certainly come in handy.

In this guide we'll run through all the Traha Global codes you can redeem right now. That's on top of details on what each code unlocks, as well as steps to redeeming your freebies, and a look at other places to grab codes down the line.

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New Traha Global codes for November 2022

  • TRAHAGlobalBPrime - (NEW)
  • TRAHAGlobalLuckyGhost - (NEW)
  • TRAHAGlobalFextralife - (NEW)
  • TRAHAGlobalPoopernoodle
  • TRAHAGlobalAnnie
  • TRAHAGlobalNaguura
  • TRAHAGlobalET1107
  • 1007TRAHAGlobalLanCat
  • TRAHAGlobal1107Dinter
  • TRAHAGlobal1107ShuteyeOrange

The following Traha Global codes have sadly expired. We last tested them on November 25, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No expired codes yet!

How do I use Traha Global codes?

Once you're all signed in and loaded into the world, you use Traha Global by simply tapping into the options menu (it's an icon with three horizontal lines) and going into Settings.

From there, tap into the Account tab at the top, select "Coupon" and paste a code from above. Once it's redeemed, your free items should land straight into your inventory.

Redeeming Traha Global codes on iOS.
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How to use Traha Global codes on iOS

Because iOS games can rarely have code boxes without getting into trouble with Apple, you have to redeem Traha Global codes another way - through the official website.

Click onto the Traha Global website and look for the "Register Coupon" button in the top-right. Tap that, enter your account ID (which you can find by going onto the Account screen via the instructions above), t

How do I get more Traha Global codes?

With the game likely to only grow in popularity, there's a chance you'll want even more Traha Global codes down the line. As such, we've compiled a few places where you can bag the latest freebies as soon as they come in.


Your main ports of call should be the game's Facebook page and Discord server. Both are handy resources for all things Traha Global, so they'll definitely come in handy while searching for codes. There's also a YouTube channel and official website to look at, which could well harbour codes down the line.

That's it for our look at Traha Global codes! For even more freebies, grab the latest Coin Master free spins, Genshin Impact codes, or even AFK Arena codes to keep you busy.

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