New World: Getting To Max Level As Quickly As Possible

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After months of waiting, we're all hyped up and ready to get into New World. If you're like us, you'll be trying to power through to max level as quickly as you can in an attempt to dive into the juicy late game PvE and PvP content. But with the launch rush propelling everyone to speed through the game, how can you make sure you're ahead of the pack?

With this guide, we'll provide a few tips and tricks to help you speed through the levelling process. These should help shave off wasted minutes while you're questing, allowing you to reach level 60 as soon as possible.

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Figure Out Your Build Early

Very early on in the levelling process, you'll pick up most - if not all - of the weapon types available in New World that you can test out. This is a great opportunity to test them out and figure out which feel the best to use. If you want to save time later, figure out what two weapons you want to use now and stick with them all the way to max level. This way, you'll be earning weapon mastery for the weapons you'll be sticking with, and remain comfortable using them during difficult encounters.

We recommend picking up one melee weapon and one ranged weapon as you level. The ability to attack enemies at a distance, especially when you're doing quests that require you to kill enemies in highly populated zones, will help you quickly achieve your objectives there.

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If you're playing solo, play DPS.


We all love healers and tanks, but if you're leveling on your own it's faster to play a damage-focused character initially. Features like your weapon mastery and attributes that greatly impact the direction your character goes should be developed with dealing damage in mind until you hit level 60. Once you do hit max level, you can then work to pick up tanking / healing gear, reroll your attributes and weapon mastery at a small cost.

Now, if you're playing as a squad this can go out the window! Having a dedicated healer in your party during the leveling process can be a massive help, and a tank that can round enemies up and stay alive is invaluable. Just bear in mind that if you are planning on doing this, the tank or healer is somewhat attached to the group level wise, so pushing ahead or missing a gaming session with your friends can kind of knock the whole system out of place.

Leave Professions Until You Hit Level Cap

We know, we know. Professions in New World look rad. However, if you want to make the most efficient use of your time, you should leave the profession grinding until you've hit level 60. The reason why comes in multiple forms. For one, hitting max level allows you to gain attribute points that provide super useful buffs to gathering professions when invested. Second, while levelling you can keep a hold onto any gear you acquire that comes with useful profession perks which further streamline the crafting and gathering experience.

Finally, is that being max level kind of tears away any threat from enemies, especially in lower level zones. Let's use an example: a level 15 character trying to do some logging will have to stop what they're doing and deal with a pesky wolf that comes their way because that doggo can be a potential risk to their life. However, a max-leveled character can simply walk up, dunk on the dog real quick, and continue on their way.

Yes, this does mean you're missing out on those sweet early-game money making avenues from selling valuable materials. However, the long-term money making techniques will likely come from endgame resources anyway, so it's better to level your chosen professions when doing is less time-consuming and stressful.

Complete Quests in Batches

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When you enter a settlement for the first time, you'll be able to pick up a variety of quests that'll take you all across the zone. Instead of doing one and returning to town, make sure to finish them all up in batches - taking as many as you want to do, completing them all, then returning once and handing them all in.

It's a good idea to take a minute to quickly plot out a path around the zone when you pick up quests. Figure out which path will allow you to pass every area you need to go to as quickly as possible. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it'll save you running back and forth between the settlement and quest areas.


Die Often. Die Smart.

As we just mentioned in the previous point, sooner or later you'll have to return to a quest hub to hand in all your quests. What you can do instead of running all the way back to town, is die intentionally. When you die, you're given the option to respawn either at your camp, or at the nearest settlement. If this settlement happens to be where all your quests rewards are waiting, or your camp is close to where you need to go, you can just respawn at your desired location.

The only downside to this is the durability damage your equipment will take, but it's a small cost when you consider the time saved. Clever use of this tip can lead to you saving upwards of 5-minutes every time you need to return to town. When you consider how many times you'll be making that trip on your journey to 60, you can start to understand the benefits of doing this.

With these tips, you should have no problem dashing through the levelling process in New World. We hope to see you in Aeternum soon, level-capped and knee deep in the exciting late game content you're excited about!