Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class rewards

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November 2, 2022: With links to all seven class guides in, our look at the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class rewards is complete.

Going back and completing your classes at Naranja Academy can net you some useful Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class rewards for your adventure. You'll have to be quite far into the game to unlock them all, but making a dent in them early can make it less of a slog toward the end.


Down below, we'll quickly list out the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class rewards you can look forward to. We'll break them down into specific subjects as well so you can hone in on the exact reward you want, sparing you from any classes you really don't want to take.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class rewards

Teacher Subject Reward
Mr. SaguaroHome Ec.Sweet Herba Mystica quest start
Mr. DendraBattle StudiesProtein x10
Mr. HasselArt50 Dragon Tera Shards
Ms. RaifortHistoryReveals Shrine locations on the map
Ms. TymeMath50 Rock Tera Shards
Mr. SalvatoreLanguagesGalarian Meowth
Mr. JacqBiologyUnlocks the ability to show Mr. Jacq your Pokedex, unlocking various rewards as you catch more Pokemon
Nurse MiriamNurse's OfficeMax Revive x10 (after completing the Victory Road leg of the Treasure Hunt)
Director ClavellDirector's OfficeBig Nugget (after completing the Operation Starfall leg of the Treasure Hunt)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class rewards are given to you by each of Naranja Academy's main subject teachers.


You need to speak to them as you complete their classes to increase your bond with them. Here's the list of lesson and exam answers we have right now:

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class answers

After completing all six of their respective classes and aceing their two exams, you can interact with them once or twice more to max out their bond and each a class reward.

Some are just relatively rare items in bulk, but others are elusive Pokemon, like Galarian Meowth.

Ms. Raifort interacting with the player in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Beyond the main subjects, though, you can build up your bond with both School Nurse Miriam and even Director Clavell as you head back to school between clearing Team Star bases and gyms.

Once you've completed either quest, the respective faculty member will give you some more rare items as well. Just seek them out in their offices, classrooms, or the Staff Room.

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