Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Art answers - Midterm and Final exam

Hassel teaching an Art class in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Hassel teaching an Art class in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
February 27, 2023: Ace the Art subject in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with these answers!

It's back to school for us, Trainers, so you'll need all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Art answers. The Naranja and Uva Academies put our academic skills to the test, so pointers are handy to ensure you pass with flying colours!

One of the new additions to Generation 9's gameplay is the classes we can take at our respective academies. The classes vary in subject and introduce new mechanics and things to do as well as refresh our memories about age-old parts of the franchise. In total there are seven classes, and we'll go through Art here.

For more Pokemon goodness, check out how to get Herba Mystica, where to get Rare Candy, and all the sandwich recipes that you can make at the Picnics for boosts to things like egg finds, EXP gains, and Pokemon spawns. If you're looking to learn how to farm shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, sandwiches are important.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Art answers

There are six lessons in each class, with a Midterm and Final exam for good measure. Here are the six answers for each class:

  • Class One: Everything
  • Class Two: The Grass Type
  • Class Three: The Ice Type
  • Class Four: Any answer will work
  • Class Five: Glaseado's Grasp
  • Class Six: You can change their title

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Art Midterm answers

The Midterm needs to be passed in order to go on to the later three classes, and the Final. You'll need to get at least three questions right in order to pass. Here are all five correct answers:

  • A - Tera Jewel
  • A - The Grass Type
  • B - Hexagon
  • C - Medali
  • D - No correct answer
Professor Gible at work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Professor Gible doing his best

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Art Final answers

The Final test will mean you have passed the entire class and will get you some rewards. You'll need four out of five right answers to pass. The answers are:

  • B - The Treasure Eatery
  • C - Surrendering Sunflora
  • A - Two
  • B - Levincia
  • B - False

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Art class rewards

For passing the Art Midterm and Final exams, you'll get a reward. These include small, medium, and large EXP Candies.

While you're taking classes and exams, don't forget to talk to Hassel, too. Doing so will build your bond, and once you max it out (by talking to him four times), he'll give you a reward of 50 Dragon Tera shards! This is enough to change one Pokemon's Tera Type to Dragon.

To decide on your next class, check out the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class rewards list.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class answers

And that's the art class passed with flying colours! Why not see what Tera raid events are coming up, and how to find a Paldean Tauros? Feel free to also check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet picnics guide to learn how they work!

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