Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Biology answers - Midterm and Final exam

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Biology class in Naranja Academy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
February 23, 2023 - Ace Mr. Jacq's class with all the answers!

No school career is completed without a bit of science, and our list of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Biology answers for the class run by Mr. Jacq can help you ace it. One of the new additions to Generation 9's gameplay is the classes we can take at our respective academies. They're not the most fun thing in the game, but the rewards are worth the time investment.

The classes vary in subject, and introduce new mechanics and things to do as well as refresh our memories about age-old parts of the franchise. The Biology class in particular reminds us of how to best use our 'Mons.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Biology answers

There are six lessons in each class, with a Midterm and Final exam for good measure. Biology's subject matter is all to do with your Pokemon and how they act, how they came to be, and what you can do with them. Here are the six answers for each class:

  • Class One: Inside buildings
  • Class Two: Eggs!
  • Class Three: Inflict status conditions
  • Class Four: B Button
  • Class Five: 1 in 4,000
  • Class Six: Rotom

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Biology Midterm answers

The Midterm needs to be passed in order to go on to the later three classes, and the Final. You'll need to get at least three questions right in order to pass. Here are all five correct answers:

  • B - ZR
  • A - 2
  • B - Walking around
  • A - Giving them a berry
  • C - Gym Badges

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Biology Final answers

The Final test will mean you have passed the entire class and will get you some rewards. You'll need four out of five right answers to pass. The answers are:

  • Two
  • False
  • B - No
  • B - 1 in 4,000
  • False

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Biology class rewards

For passing the Midterm and the Final, you'll get a reward of Small and Medium EXP candies.

Make sure to talk to Mr. Jacq as you're taking your classes. This will build your bond with him. When you speak to him after the first class, he'll ask to see your Pokedex. He'll then give you some extra rewards for how many Pokemon you catch!


Check out the full Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class rewards chart to determine which course to take on next. Then, open up the corresponding guide below to see all the answers you'll need. You can sleep through class then and still ace it.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class answers

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