How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet picnics work

Image of a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet picnic

Let's take a look at a new Pokémon pastime! Pokémon Scarlet and Violet picnics are a brand new feature in this generation, letting players explore the open world and chill out with our 'mons.

The idea of a portable eatery isn't a new concept to Pokémon. We got campsites in Sword and Shield, and cooking has been a factor for many generations now. The difference here is a new menu with all-new ingredients, and more interactions available at our chosen picnic sites.

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What are Pokémon Scarlet and Violet picnics?

It wouldn't be a new Pokémon generation without some new features. This time, you get the ability to chill out with your team and cook some good food. Generation 9's version of this is picnics.

Trainers will be able to host picnics for their Pokémon almost anywhere, and not only cook food, but look after them too. Each picnic area is customisable, with designs for tablecloths and utensils.

Your party Pokémon, and whichever Legendary you have with you, will appear at the picnic and join you. You can speak to each of them, play with them, or give them a bath to restore HP and build your bond. Of course, you'll also keep them squeaky clean. Battling is a dirty business!

Occasionally, when you're clearing up your picnic, you can find a Pokémon Egg inside your basket to nurture and grow into a new friend. You'll have to walk plenty across the Paldean landscape to hatch it, of course.

Image of a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet picnic
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Can you visit other players' picnics in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

In Scarlet and Violet, the picnic system seems to work quite like that of the campsites in Sword and Shield.

As long as you're playing through the multiplayer side of the game - using the Union Circle function - you'll be able to see other players picnics in the overworld. You can then join them for a visit.

You'll be able to take photos together, and even find eggs in other picnic locations. We'll have to see which other features are accessible in co-op!

What food can you make at a picnic in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Sorry, curry-dex, you've been taken over by the Scarlet and Violet sandwich menu. That's right, sandwiches are the dish of delicacy in the Paldea region.

Players can choose which fillings they want to put in their sandwiches, and which condiments - think of it like your own personal Subway counter, Pokémon style. Each sandwich will have a different function, and can provide buffs to your team, as long as it is to their tastes!

The effects will include restoring your Pokémon's HP, but can include effects such as boosted attack, speed, or defence.

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