Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Rare Candy locations - How to get more

A pile of Rare Candy in Pokemon.
November 28, 2022: Rare Candies aren't actually that Rare, it seems.

If you want to level up your team quickly, you'll want to hit up every Pokemon Scarlet and Violet rare candy location. This is everything you should know about them, how to use them and when is the best time to use them against other alternatives found in raid battles and beyond.

Being a great way of levelling up your team outside of combat, you can use them to finish off the Pokedex, evolve your favourite Pokemon, and get a quick extra level on the go.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet rare candy locations

Generally, rare candy locations are either at the end of narrow corridors, alleyways, and dead-ends, where they're sometimes invisible items you just need to press A nearby).

You can also sometimes find them as Pokeball items in areas you couldn't reach earlier on. If there's a small pond or stream you can't pass in the early parts of the game, you might be able to cross them later on to find a Rare Candy or another lucrative item.

This being said, Pokemon can pick them up sometimes. Pokemon like Linoone have an ability called "Pickup" that lets them grab random items as you play. This occasionally includes a low chance of Rare Candy as well. It'll take a while before we know whether or not that method works in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but we'll update when we know for sure.

Can you buy rare candy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Though there have been instances of being able to buy Rare Candy from a few shops in select Pokemon games, these typically came at the cost of BP (Battle Points) over cold, hard cash.

With BP gone in favour of League Points, there's every chance you'll be able to buy Rare Candy using League Points - we just don't know for sure right now. Once we've seen the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet post-game content ourselves, we'll update you with a definite answer.

What is rare candy used for in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Rare candy can be used to level up your team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Generally speaking, it is much harder to level up high-level Pokemon than those in the low levels. For this reason, you should wait until your Pokemon have levelled up a bit before using them.

Though you will find a good few rare candies throughout the game, there's no point in wasting them. If you level up to the right level to evolve, Pokemon will do so, making it a great choice to tick off your Pokedex. Generally speaking, there isn't much of a reason to not use them, unless you have specific EV training you're trying to achieve.

That being said, Rare Candy isn't as unique an item as it used to be. Candy XL and other varieties tied to the Tera Raid Battle system can be used to the same effect and can be easier for some players to get. But because Rare Candy grants your Pokemon a whole level rather than a fixed EXP amount, they're best saved for getting a Pokemon over the finish line - say from 99 to 100.

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