Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Studies answers - Midterm and Final exams

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picture of Dendra in pokemon scarlet and violet

While it doesn't take long to get through each class and take your midterm and final exams, having all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet battle studies answers will speed up the process. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, classes are aimed to teach newer players about various aspects of the game. And you get some cool rewards for completing them.

When you're starting off your journey, you'll see a bunch of notifications for new classes that are available for you to take. You can choose to do these as you go, or do them later, but you should definitely do them eventually.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Studies answers

Getting the answers during the class portions doesn't matter. You'll either be told that you answered correct, or the professor will tell you the right answer. Where the answers matter are for the midterm and finals. Here are all the answers you need for each class and test.

  • Class One: Physical and Special moves.
  • Class Two: Heal Up.
  • Class Three: Terastalize and Attack.
  • Class Four: You can answer anything.
  • Class Five: League Points (LP).
  • Class Six: Flat rules.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Studies Midterm answers

To pass the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Studies midterm exam, you need to get the majority of the questions correct. Get three of the five questions right to get a little reward and progress to the next three classes. Here are the answers:

  • Q1 = Special.
  • Q2 = The move's name.
  • Q3 = Four.
  • Q4 = Terastalize and attack.
  • Q5 = Fighting.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Studies Final answers

Passing the Battle Studies final means getting four of the five questions right. It's not as forgiving as the midterm, but the Battle Studies exam answers below should even the odds:

  • Q1 = Go All Out!
  • Q2 = Auto battles.
  • Q3 = Exchange materials.
  • Q4 = Level 50.
  • Q5 = True.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Studies class rewards

Once you complete all the classes, you'll need to talk with Ms. Dendra to strengthen your bond with her.

By doing this a few times, you'll end up getting a set of class rewards from her, which in this case is 10 Protein, which will increases a Pokemon's attack stats.

Use that link there to check out the class rewards for the rest of the curriculum. It'll help you decide which to do next. Once you've settled on your course, check out the class answers below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class answers

How to unlock more battle studies classes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Depending on when you do these classes, you may need to unlock more of them.

If you're doing it during the main story, you'll need do the first few classes, and then find Ms. Dendra in the schoolyard, and do a little training with her. Then you can do the rest of the classes.


You can also wait until the very end of the game, and take all the classes at once.

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