Pokemon Scarlet and Violet EXP farm locations - How to level Pokemon fast

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A Pokemon attacking Chansey, another Pokemon.
January 3, 2023: This tactic is still great, months after launch

Whether you're doing it to evolve a Pokemon, build a competitive team, beat a boss, or just to look cool with a stacked team, knowing the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet EXP farm locations can help you level Pokemon fast.

Knowing how to level Pokemon fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is useful for a bunch of different reasons. And because methods and level grinding spots change with each new game, it can be hard to keep up. Read on, though, and we'll walk you through some of the latest and greatest EXP farming spots in the new games.

For more on the latest generation of Pokemon, check out how to get Scorbunny, Grookey, Sobble, and even how to get the Kalos starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Everybody loves the mascots of past games, and you can get a few of them in these new ones.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet EXP farm locations - how to level Pokemon fast

According to those who played the game early, like LeakyJero, one of the best places to grind EXP in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - before the Elite Four, at least - is found in the northern part of the Paldea region.

Here, with the help of a Normal Encounter Power Lv. 2 sandwich from a Picnic, you'll have no trouble running into Chansey between the levels of 46 and 60.

Any Pokemon fan will know that these caring critters award tons of experience points when they're defeated, making it really easy to level up any Pokemon that are struggling to stand up to the Elite Four or those you just need to evolve fast for their Pokedex entries.

You can even speed up the process by giving your Pokemon the Lucky Egg given to you by an Jacq as you enter your fifth or sixth gym.

The Lucky Egg has traditionally increased EXP gains of the Pokemon holding it, so it's a sure-fire way to get even more from a Pokemon that already dishes out crazy amounts of experience points - like Chansey.

To make things even easier, LeakyJero even suggests using a low-level Ghost-type Pokemon to defeat the high-level Chansey with ease. Because Chansey's Normal-type moves don't affect Ghost-type Pokemon, you can use Curse to defeat it in a few turns, letting you easily train a full squad of low-level Pokemon at breakneck speeds.

We'll no doubt find more and more ways to level up fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as we go.

Another person who got the game early had moderate success beating the Pokemon outside the Psychic-type gym. You can always send your lead Pokemon out to auto-battle using R if you're busy. It'll be marginally less EXP than you'd get for a full battle, but it's a lot easier.

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