How to walk Pokemon fast in Scarlet and Violet

Two Pokemon walking outside of their Pokeball.

Two Pokemon walking outside of their Pokeball.
February 27, 2023: Learn how to walk Pokemon fast in Scarlet and Violet!

Knowing how to walk Pokemon fast in Scarlet and Violet can take the chore out of evolving certain creatures. Those that want to walk a set amount of steps before evolving can get left behind (literally) so this little trick can get them into shape without tiring you out.

The general idea behind this trick is walking your Pokemon automatically. There's some light fiddling around to get it going, but once you find the sweet spot, you'll rack up the 1000 steps your Pokemon wants in about three minutes. It's hilarious to watch, but you can absolutely use it as a bathroom break.

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How to walk Pokemon fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - 1000 steps quickly

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you use the roof of a Pokemon Centre to tease your follower to run circles beneath you.

This rapidly increases their step counter to the point where they'll be ready to evolve in minutes. Some people need to walk 1000 steps outside of the Pokeball before they can evolve. Here's how to walk 1000 steps fast.

A step-by-step guide on how to walk 1000 steps fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
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The best place for this is Cortondo. Get yourself to east side of town and let your Pokemon loose between the Pokemon Centre and the corner house. Then, hop onto Koraidon/Miraidon using the + button. Jump onto the roof of the house and then quickly onto the Pokemon Centre roof.

Position yourself on the edge of the roof to the left of the Pokeball sign on the trim. You should see your Pokemon just below you on the ground.

If you get the position just right, the Pokemon below will run in circles in a bizarre attempt to reach you. If they give up quickly, just reposition yourself slightly to make them move again.

It can take a couple of tries, but each Pokemon has a sweet spot (because it's based on their walking speed) that sees them do loops continuously without you moving a muscle. To see it in action, turn your attention to Twitter user Soltawashi.

Once you think they're walked 1000 steps, you just need to level them up one - which can be done with a single Rare Candy or enough Candy XS, S, M, L, or XL. Just make sure they're still outside of their Pokeball when you do this.

To evolve a fresh Pawmo into Pawmot, the whole process took around three minutes.

Which Pokemon need steps to evolve in Scarlet and Violet?

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Right now, we're aware of three different Pokemon that require the use of the Let's Go feature to evolve.

Pawmo (the evolved form of Pawmi), Bramblin, and Rellor all need to walk 1000 steps outside of their Pokeball using the Let's Go feature to evolve. If you don't know how to do this, hit X, highlight the Pokemon, and press Y to move them into the lead position on your team.

After that, back out of the menu and press R to send them out into the field. They'll auto-battle Pokemon this way, but they'll also follow you around, gaining steps along the way. Using the method above means you won't get into any fights at all, dramatically speeding up the process.

The trick to walking Pokemon fast in the new games almost calls back to the days of Pokemon Colosseum, where you could wedge yourself into a specific corner of one town and unplug the controller with the stick pointing up. This caused the character to continue walking (without going anywhere) and racking up the steps needed to, in this case, purify Pokemon.

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