Tower of Fantasy Lin build - skills, weapon, and more

Image of various Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy.

Image of various Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy.

If you plan on using her in your lineup, you'll want to know what sort of Tower of Fantasy Lin build to rock. This powerful attacking Simulacrum is one of the many playable characters in the new gacha game, and we've got plenty of details on her down below.

In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we'll break down everything you need to know bout the operator called Lin. Having a flick through should help you decide whether to select her as your main fighter, or to explore some other options. That ranges from how to get her using the gacha mechanic to what her individual weapon and best skills are.

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How to get Lin in Tower of Fantasy

As a gacha game, you won't be surprised to learn that the only way to get Lin in Tower of Fantasy is via random spins. However, this particular game works slightly differently to most games in the genre, because you don't actually spin to unlock each character.

Rather each character, or Simulacrum, is linked to a specific weapon, which lets you use the corresponding character as a type of skin. As such, in the gacha you spin for new weapons, which then allow you to use the corresponding character.

In the case of Lin, you'll be wanting to spin for the Shadow Weaver weapon to unlock her. However, you should know that Lin is a China-exclusive Simulacrum right now. Therefore, players on the global version of the game won't be able to access her.

What is Lin's weapon?

Lin's weapon in Tower of Fantasy is the Shadow Weaver. This fan-like weapon performs a special move called Aberration. This causes a damage-over-time effect, where 25% of the total damage already done by the Shadow Weaver is once again inflicted onto the enemy after five seconds.

When combined with other weapons, you can activate Shadow Weaver mastery. Doing so causes projectiles to fly across the battlefield for up to three seconds, landing 60% AoE damage.

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What are Lin's skills in Tower of Fantasy?

Lin is primarily an attacking Simulacrum, with a range of skills all geared towards inflicting maximum damage onto enemies. Her proficiency is on DPS attacks, ensuring she leaves her mark even once each attack has been performed.

Her main move is called Lunar Reflection, which increases the frequency at which Nightblooms spawn across the map to land AoE damage. Further upgrades to that move decrease the cooldown period between Nightblooms spawning, while also increasing her base attacking stats.

On top of that, you can use the Awakening feature to upgrade the attacking potency of Nightblooms even more. As such, it makes Lin one of the best mid-range Simulacra in the game.

Who is Lin in Tower of Fantasy?

As a China-exclusive character in Tower of Fantasy, details on Lin's personality are fairly hard to come by. We do know that she's a Virgo, born on September 3. Aside from that though, we don't have the same detail on what she's like as a character. Who knows, maybe she'll become a global Simulacra one day? If so, we'll be able to learn a lot more!

That's it for our build for Lin in Tower of Fantasy! While you're here, feel free to read up on our Zero build, Meryl build, and Shiro build. They'll help you pick your best simulacrum for the game that's sure to stand in the spotlight for at least a little while.

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