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So you're getting into Torchlight Infinite, and you want to know, what does the end game look like? There's quite a few pillars of the Torchlight Infinite end game, one of which is the Torchlight Infinite Path of the Brave. This end game activity is one that scales up quite a bit as you play, and offers some unique in game rewards.

Path of the Brave is an activity that doesn't really get detailed a lot in the game, and it's something that requires some reagents to even do. This guide will detail everything you need to know about getting into this activity and what you can get from it.

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What is Torchlight Infinite Path of the Brave?

As we said in the intro, Path of the Brave is one of the end game activities in Torchlight Infinite. It's introduced to you when you're about half way through unlocking Netherrealm. There are a total of five tiers of Path of the Brave, each more difficult than the previous.

Each of these tiers is a total of 10 mini maps with waves of enemies to fight and defeat. These waves will range from normal, magic and rare mobs, to a couple Netherrealm bosses. After beating up the packs, some rewards will drop, and you'll portal to the next area. After all 10 waves have been defeated, you'll be ported back to town with your rewards in hand.

Picture of the Path of the Brave tokens in Torchlight Infinite
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How do I get into Torchlight Infinite Path of the Brave?

In order to get into Path of the Brave, you'll need keys. There is a key that corresponds to each tier of Path. These keys can be bought and sold on the auction house, and generally aren't too expensive. They also will drop from Netherrealm map bosses when you get up into Netherrealm tier 6 and 7.

You'll also get a key for the next tier up after completing 10 waves of a tier, which is a nice way to continue your progression up the chain.

What rewards do I get from Torchlight Infinite Path of the Brave?

For the rewards, they scale up as you get into higher and higher tiers. Here are the rewards that you'll get starting in tier one.

Path of the Brave I

  • Legendary rarity Fate Cards or Prisms
  • Regular gear
  • Crafting Materials

Path of the Brave II

  • Path of the Brave base rewards
  • Level 21 Support Skill stone

Path of the Brave III

  • Path of the Brave base rewards
  • Antonius' Research Fate Card

Path of the Brave IV

  • Path of the Brave base rewards
  • Level 1 Special Skill Stone

Path of the Brave V

  • Path of the Brave base rewards
  • Clergy's Thinking Fate Card
  • Ominous or Restless Embers

And that's all that we have for you! This is one of the best sources of rare items in the end game, and you can always sell off what you're not using on the auction house, so it's definitely worth doing.

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