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So you're getting towards the end game of Torchlight Infinite, and you're starting to work through your build. You look on the auction house for some items, but they all cost crafting currency that you don't have. How are you going to get it? Well our Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium farming guide will help you out!

Flame Elementium is most common trading currency in Torchlight Infinite, as well as a valuable crafting resource for creating some of the best end game gear. While it's not necessarily an incredibly scarce resource, it can become one if you're not farming it the right ways, which is where our guide will help clear up some of those best ways to farm.

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How to farm Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

There's a few different ways to get Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite. The currency will start to drop randomly when you're in the Netherrealm tier four, and get more common as you go higher in tiers. That being said, let's get into the best ways to farm Flame Elementium.

Mapping and Trait Cards

The first way that you can farm Flame Elementium is by mapping and utilizing your Trait Cards effectively. This method is going to require a bit of preparation beforehand and a little bit of luck. First thing's first, you'll need to have a build that can ideally farm tier five or higher maps quickly. Faster mapping equals more maps per hour which equals more currency.

The Trait cards that you're going to want to have unlocked and in your Trait deck are the following:

  • Doughty (Magic and Rare ideally but any will do)
  • Sharp (6 affix rare gear has a chance to be converted to flame fuel)
  • Generous (Flame fuel dropped has a chance to be upgraded)

You will also want to have a bunch of memory compasses that increases the quantity of gear that drops, adds rare monsters, increased amount of flame fuel that drops, and drop rarity. You will finally want to roll your map to have a high rarity and quantity value, above 100% rarity ideally.

Now you'll need to start a fresh hand in an area, and get those three cards to be placed on the map. Then you'll run the maps as is starting with Doughty, then Sharp. When you get to Generous, this is where you'll add your compasses, and roll your map to have high quant and rarity.

The goal ideally is that with these pieces in place, the additional pack size and increased gear drop rate and rarity will translate into more of those pieces being converted to Flame Fuel, and then being upgraded to Flame Elementium. I would say that this this a strategy that is best done in tier 7 or tier 8 maps, as those maps can roll higher quantity and rarity.

The other thing that you can farm to generate some good currency is Path of the Brave tiers. Higher tiers will reward better loot and a higher chance at raw Flame Elementium drops as well.

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Selling your items

The next thing that you'll want to do to make Flame Elementium is to start working with the Auction House. It is definitely possible to find items in the early and mid end game that can sell for a pretty penny. Luckily the game has an in game price checking system once you unlock the auction house at level 60.

Any Legendary that has a high level requirement and item level are worth looking at the price of. Rare gear that has higher tier affixes, or rare affixes that also are at higher requirement / item level may be worth something to someone.

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Another thing that you can sell are some of the rarer Embers that you find, specifically Ominous Ember and Restless Embers. You may come across a few over your time playing so if you're not planning on attempting at meta crafting, selling these off can be worthwhile.

Turn in your fate cards and memory fragments

As you're blasting maps, you'll inevitably pick up a bunch of memory fragments. After a handful of full runs through, take the time to turn in your fragments at the Spacetime Wanderer. These fragments can net you a bunch of legendary gear, raw currency and other things that can potentially be sold.

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Trade up your crafting materials

As mentioned earlier, there are a bunch of different crafting materials that exist in Torchlight Infinite. There's Flame Fuel and Embers primarily. You can get lower level flame fuel by taking any unwanted gear to Edwin and disenchanting it. Embers will be found throughout your loot, and are used in the crafting process.

One thing that you can utilize the auction house for is to trade up some of your lower level currency into Flame Elementium. Often times People will sell their Flame Elementium for Flame Dust or base embers. If you happen to have a lot of this, that's could be a nice way to pick up a couple extra Flame Elementium here and there. I would check the price of each item you're trying to convert, just to make sure you're not overpaying. This method does require a bit of scouring and patience, but can over time net you 10-20 Flame Elementium for no additional grind.

I would only recommend doing this process if you're not going to be crafting anything with those embers or dust, or if you're missing a couple Flame Elementium to pick up a key legendary item for your build.

And that's the guide! Though the game has only been in open beta for a couple weeks, players have figured out some of the best ways to sustain their currency gains rather quickly. These methods should be fairly time safe, though more may be added in the future as the devs add more systems with each new season. Be sure to check back when a new season comes out to see if there's any new methods.

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