Grimlight codes (January 2023) - Free tickets and memory fragments

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The Grimlight character lineup.
January 25, 2023: We updated our list of new Grimlight codes.

With the new gacha game seemingly stuck in a perpetual maintenance loop, Grimlight codes are sure to keep the alright sky-high compensation rewards coming, and we're going to try hard to keep the list down below populated with any new codes that might drop.


For the uninitiated, Grimlight is a new gacha RPG in which characters from classic novels and fairytales like Alice in Wonderland and Rapunzel drop into a world where a common threat unites them. By pulling characters through the standard gacha banners, you piece together a team of your favourite fantasy characters and send them out to do battle against fearsome foes.

For more gacha goodness while the servers are down, check out the latest Cookie Run Kingdom codes. They'll help you get the new Financier Cookie character that's currently sitting high on the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list. We even have a Grimlight tier list up for launch as well.

New Grimlight codes (January 2023)

  • There are no working Grimlight codes just yet. Check back soon!

The following Grimlight codes were last checked and confirmed inactive and expired on January 25, 2023:

Expired codes

  • No Grimlight codes have expired just yet. That's cool!

Expect more Grimlight codes once the game actually launches. It's too early yet.

The Little Mermaid in Grimlight.

How do I redeem Grimlight codes?

While we don't have the exact details on how to redeem Grimlight codes just yet, we will once the servers go live. Even still, we can make a good guess based on the dozens of other mobile gacha game code pages we've put up in the past.

If you're in the game before us and can't figure out how to redeem Grimlight codes, you probably want to first get through enough of the tutorial that you have free reign over the menu.

From there, tap your profile icon (usually in one of the corners) and look for a code box on the screen that pops up. If it's not there, you might have to tap one of the tabs on that instead (like a Profile tab).


If you're still not having any luck, tap into the Options menu. You'll usually find this one the main in-game screen as well. From there, look for a "Redeem", "Gift", "Promo" or "Code" button.

If you're still not finding anything and you're on iOS, it might be that the box isn't visible due to Apple's restrictions on in-app freebies. For that, you'll want to see out the Grimlight website.

Mobile gacha games tend to put a code redemption page live on their websites for Apple users to use. Just grab your User ID in-game (usually in the bottom-right of the log-in screen or on your profile), type it into the website, type in your Grimlight code, and you should be good to grab your rewards in-game.

How do I get more Grimlight codes?

Gacha game codes tend to drop on social media platforms, so new Grimlight codes will likely land on the Grimlight Facebook or Grimlight Twitter accounts from time to time.


Another place would be the Grimlight Discord channel, but they're not accepting external invitations to that right now, so you can't just follow a link. There's probably a button in-game to join, but if you try to log into the game during maintenance (like right now) you'll get asked to join the Grimlight Discord as well if the app is installed on the same device.

And that's it for Grimlight codes right now. Check back soon. Until then, though, check out the Blue Archive tier list and League of Pantheons codes page for more advice and freebies in these other top-tier mobile gacha RPGs.