The Best Financier Cookie Build for Cookie Run: Kingdom

Financier Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

After appearing in the first Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Odyssey update in the Spring, it's finally time for Financier Cookie toppings and the best Financier Cookie build to become a thing. Runners have been waiting for this one for a little while now, and the new character is set to be the focus of the latest Cookie Odyssey chapter.

Like any good build guide, we'll go over the best toppings for Financier Cookie below, highlight their strengths and weaknesses in their chosen role, whether they're worth pulling and investing in, and what sort of team you'll want to run with them.

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We'll update this section in concrete thoughts as soon as the update goes live. Without it, we can't really comment on how Financier Cookie performs.

In the past, we assumed Oyster Cookie would be just as powerful as Clotted Cream Cookie, but this ultimately turned out to be a little untrue. Though still strong, with being a defensive cookie with summons set to sound like a powerful character, Oyster Cookie didn't really deliver with the lofty stats needed to get all the summons out at the same time.

As such, we don't want to jump the gun in recommending you spend all your Crystals on Financier Cookie until we know for sure.

Financier Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
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Best Toppings
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Again, we'll update this as soon as they're released and available, but in knowing their role, we can guess what could be the best Financier Cookie toppings.

Being a Front Defense unit, you'd think Damage Reduction and DEF Toppings would be best, but we've hit a point where most new Defense cookies have built-in defensive abilities that ultimately demand things like Cooldown Reduction, ATK, or CRIT to properly shine, with bursts of high damage the key to their success on the team.

For this, we're going to assume Searing Raspberry is a good one to stack, with sub-stats like Cooldown and Damage Reduction worth trying for.

What Role Is Financier Cookie?

Financier Cookie takes up a Front Defense role on the team. This new Epic Cookie will be available in the rate-up gacha banners, meaning Oyster Cookie will still feature in the separate Super-Epic banner in the meantime.

And that's about all there is to say regarding the best Financier Cookie toppings right now. Again - and yes we sound like a broken record right now - we'll update this page as soon as Financier Cookie releases and we can properly dive into what (or what does not) make them a great asset to your team.

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