Cookie Run: Kingdom Oyster Cookie: Best Toppings, Treasures, and Teams

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Oyster Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

The Council of Heroes is expanding, and that includes a new character. If you've pulled them already, take a look below to find the Oyster Cookie best toppings build in time for launch. It's the latest Cookie Run Kingdom Super Epic Cookie, and one that's sure to make a splash.

They are an elder of the Creme Republic’s council, and quite a high-up member working alongside the recently released Super Epic Clotted Cream Cookie. Oyster Cookie is head of their own Oyster House, which works in the trade industry, focusing on the maritime side.

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Is Oyster Cookie Good?

Oyster Cookie is a great addition to just about any Cookie Run: Kingdom team, but they're certainly not making the splash Clotted Cream Cookie made the previous month.

They're a support cookie with the ability to spawn an increasing number of soldiers that, in the right composition, can tank damage well and dish out a respectable amount of well. There are just better, easier to obtain alternatives, though. Either a dedicated tank or a summon-based character like Pumpkin Pie can achieve the same general result.

What Are the Best Toppings for Oyster Cookie? - CRK Oyster Cookie Toppings

Best Toppings Sub-Stats Best Treasures
5x Swift ChocolateCooldown ReductionOld Pilgrim's Scroll, Seamstress's Pin Cushion, Squishy Jelly Watch

Oyster Cookie spawns soldiers based on her Cooldown Reduction, but the stat itself won't reduce the cooldown speed of the skill itself. Even still, each Soldier summoned effectively increases her damage output more than building for Attack ever could, making Cooldown Reduction the primary stat you want to aim for when it comes to the best Oyster Cookie toppings.

It's incredibly difficult to get enough Cooldown Reduction to spawn all four Solider, but settling for two or three should be easily obtainable. By stacking Swift Chocolate toppings with the appropriate sub-stats and the Squishy Jelly Watch treasure, you should be able to get three Soldiers out with one cast, creating a veritable army.

Oyster Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
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What Are the Best Treasures for Oyster Cookie?

It's too early to give a difinite answer to the question of the best treasures for Oyster Cookie right now, but the quick and easy answer, as shown above, is Squishy Jelly Watch, Old Pilgrim's Scroll, and Seamstress's Pin Cusion.

These will increase the number of Soldiers she can summon, buff their attack, and buff their attack and duration. Paired with other summon-based cookies like Crunchy Chip Cookie and Cotton, it's a fun build to throw into Cookie Alliance.

How Much Cooldown Reduction Do I Need to Get Four Soldiers with Oyster Cookie?

The results are in and it appears you need a grand total of 24.3% Cooldown Reduction to have Oyster Cookie summon all four of her potential soldiers to the field. You'll likely need the Squishy Jelly Watch equipped to manage this even with stacked Toppings and sub-stats.

How To Get Oyster Cookie

You can get Oyster Cookie through the House Oyster's Grand Collection gacha. Simply complete daily and milestone missions in the event screen, and you'll get a pull for every 100 House Oyster Emblems. You can even get these through certain shop bundles: like the Crunchy Chip Cookie pack if you're so inclined.

Oyster Cookie does feature in the regular gacha pool as well, but the rate of getting them is much slower.

How Can I Get More Oyster Cookie Shards?

If things follow the same path as Clotted Cream Cookie, you'll be able to get more Oyster Cookie shards through both the Arena rewards and via milestone tasks in the Oyster Cookie gacha.

Arena rewards reset every few days, so this can be a great way to slowly accumulate enough for a Oyster Cookie promotion if you can reliably farm the 400 medals required every few days.

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