Grimlight characters tier list (March 2024)

Grimlight official artwork

Grimlight official artwork
March 25, 2024 - New Grimlight characters have arrived so we've updated our tier list.

It can be hard to judge who to use in a new game, and Grimlight is no different. Having released in early July 2022, the game has a wide cast of characters to choose from. So to help you choose, we'll go through a full Grimlight tier list to help you out now that the servers are live.

Featuring many characters from fairytales and lore that we know and love - from Dracula to Cinderella - Grimlight's heroes wait for you in the land of Phantasia. Here, dreams and legends are the norm but are threatened by the Dreamless, so you must assemble your team to fight back against evil.

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Grimlight characters tier list (March 2024)

Grimlight characters tier list


Mircalla (Element: Dark; Class: Ranger)
Tin Lord (Element: Light; Class: Guardian)
Alice (Element: Fire; Class: Warrior)
Chang'e (Element: Dark ;Class: Mage)
Aurora (Element: Light; Class: Mage)
Nyx (Element: Dark; Class: Mage)
Mist (Element: Water; Class: Assasin)
Hildr (Element: Light; Class: Warrior)
Skuld (Element: Fire; Class: Ranger)
Morgiana (Element: Fire ; Class: Assasin)
Befana (Element: Nature; Class: Ranger)
Eir (Element: Nature; Class: Sage)
Cinderella (Element: Water; Class: Ranger)
Brunhild (Element: Dark; Class: Guardian)
Dracula (Element: Dark; Class: Warrior)
Kang Rim (Element: Dark; Class: Sage)
Prince Charming (Element: Fire
Queen of Hearts (Element: Fire; Class: Mage)
Jeon Woo-Chi (Element: Light; Class: Assassin)
Ozma (Element: Dark; Class: Mage)
Evil Queen (Element: Dark; Class: Mage)
Dorothy (Element: Light; Class: Sage)
Red Knight (Element: Fire; Class: Tank)
Winter Queen (Element: Water; Class: Mage)
Dr. Frankenstein (Element: Water; Class: Ranger)
Tamamo no Mai (Element: Water; Class: Mage)
Saffi (Element: Water; Class: Mage)
Romeo (Element: Water; Class: Warrior)
Thumbelina (Element: Fire; Class: Sage)
Juliet (Element: Fire; Class: Sage)
Black Rabbit (Element: Water; Class: Sage)
Rothbart (Element: Dark; Class: Mage)
Class: Warrior)
Pining Romeo (Element: Water; Class: )
March Hare (Element: Water; Class: Ranger)


Bathory (Element: Dark; Class: Warrior)
Lost Juliet (Element: Fire; Class: )
Red Queen (Element: Fire; Class: Assassin)
Briar Rose (Element: Nature; Class:Tank)
Marie (Element: Fire; Class: Sage)
Santa Claus (Element: Fire; Class: Warrior)
Esme (Element: Fire; Class: Ranged)
Little Mermaid (Element: Water; Class: Tank)
Three Bears (Element: Nature: Class: Sage)
Little Match Girl (Element: Fire; Class: Mage)
Tinker Bell (Element: Nature; Class: Mage)
Countess Bathory (Element: Fire
Class: Warrior)
Krampus (Element: Fire; Class: Mage)
Geppetto (Element: Dark; Class: Mage)
Morgana (Element: Water; Class: Mage)
Goldilocks (Element: Nature; Class: Ranged)
Van Helsing (Element: Light; Class: Ranged)
Jack Frost (Element: Water)
Class: Guardian)
Red (Element: Fire; Class: Warrior)
Headless Horseman (Element: Fire; Class: Guardian)
Aladdin (Element: Fire
Scheherazade (Element: Nature
Laura (Element: Light; Class: Ranger)
White Knight (Element: Light; Class:Tank)
Rat King (Element: Nature; Class: Warrior)
White Rabbit (Element: Water; Class: Support)
Siegfried (Element: Light; Class: Guardian)
Tsuru Nyobo (Element: Water; Class: Sage)
Three Little Pigs (Element: Nature; Class: Guardian)
Peter Pan (Element: Nature; Class: Assassin)
Glinda (Element: Water; Class: Mage)
Class: Warrior)
Class: Mage )
Braveheart Lion (Element: Fire
Jinjur (Element: Light; Class: Ranged)
Pied Piper (Element: Nature; Class: Mage)


Alibaba (Element: Fire; Class: Warrior)
Red King (Element: Fire; Class: Warrior)
Vita (Element: Nature; Class: Healer)
Hook (Element: Fire; Class: Ranger)
Yuki-onna (Element: Water; Class: Warrior)
White Queen (Element: Light)
Ginger (Element: Nature; Class: Healer)
Odette (Element: Water; Class: Warrior)
Mad Hatter (Element: Water; Class: Mage)
Robin Hood (Element: Nature; Class: Ranged)
Snow White (Element: Light; Class: Guardian)
Lily (Element: Light)
White King (Element: Light)
The Beast (Element: Nature; Class: Warrior)
Kaguya (Element: Dark; Class: Assassin)


Gretel (Element: Fire; Class: Ranger)
Belle (Element: Nature; Class: Healer)
Big Bad Wolf (Element: Nature; Class: Tank/Debuffer)
Caterpillar (Element: Nature; Class: Healer)
Cheshire Cat (Element: Dark; Class: Assassin)
Cowardly Lion (Element: Nature; Class: Warrior)
Gretel (Element: Fire; Class: Mage)
Hansel (Element: Water; Class: Assassin)
Odile (Element: Dark; Class: Support)
Puss in Boots (Element: Nature; Class: Assassin)
Scarecrow (Element: Fire; Class: Warrior)
Otohime (Element: Water; Class: Healer)
Sugar Plum Fairy (Element: Nature; Class: Mage)
Rapunzel (Element: Light; Class: Healer)
Hina (Element: Light)
The Huntsman (Element: Nature; Class: Ranged)
Tin Knight (Element: Water; Class: Guardian)

The Grimlight tier list above ranks all the heroes from S-tier to D-tier. As the game is very new, this is likely to change! We'll update our list when the community gets into the game, and some favourite characters start to appear.

Ideally, you want to aim for any S-tier character right out of the gate. If you don't manage to get one with the first lot of free pulls you can manage, it's worth deleting your data and trying again. We'll have the proper Grimlight reroll method down to a tee once the game goes live.

What is Grimlight?

Characters from Grimlight
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Eight Studio's new game Grimlight focuses on well-known characters from fairytales and legends and gives them new life as heroes in Phantasia.

Your role is to create a strong team as the Dreamer, to banish the darkness that has overtaken the land and lords of old. You'll discover lost memories and stories to piece together the past. To go along with these anime-inspired reworks of familiar faces, you'll get a slew of strong weapons, each of which you can customise and strengthen.

Check out the official website and Twitter here for more lore and a look at some of the heroes.

When will more Grimlight characters come out?

The Grimlight team outlined a couple of new characters that have arrived recently. Here are the characters that have recently been introduced:

  • Glinda
  • Odette

The Good Witch is now available with a duration of November 16 to November 29, 2023.

How can I play Grimlight?

Grimlight is available on iOS and Android platforms. Here are the links to it on the App Store, and Google Play.

You should be able to play on an emulator as well if you grab the APK from your usual repositories or download it directly through your preferred emulator.

Check out the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom codes if you're into that one. We have a page up discussing the best Financier Cookie toppings as well. That's a new one.

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