MultiVersus Characters Tier List - Best Fighters Ranked

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Image of a powered-up Shaggy and Batman in MultiVersus.

Looking for a MultiVersus tier list? The new fighting game based on hit Warner Bros franchises contains plenty of familiar faces, ranging from superheroes to cartoon classics. If you don't know which character to select when diving into a battle, then we're here to help.

In this MultiVersus guide, we'll rank each and every one of the fifteen current fighters, based on their performance in the closed alpha as well as pre-release assumptions. It'll help you decide whcih ones are worth investing your time into, and which are best left untouched. On top of that, we'll take a look at which characters may be arriving later down the line.

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MultiVersus Characters Tier List

Ranking Character name
SBatman, Superman, Taz
AShaggy, Wonder Woman
BThe Iron Giant, Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry
CVelma, Arya Stark, Garnet, Jake the Dog
DBugs Bunny, Finn the Human, Steven Universe, Reindog

Check the table above to see our preliminary tier list of all the current MultiVersus characters. Since the closed alpha is now open, our rankings are based on a combination of in-game performance and first impressions from the game's promotional material.

Since characters like The Iron Giant aren't accessible just yet, their placement on our tier list is subject to change. Just know that the higher-tier characters are the ones you'll want to try out when you manage to get access to the game.

Image of Taz's character profile in MultiVersus.
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Who Is The Best Fighter in MultiVersus?

For our money, the best fighter currently in MultiVersus is Taz. Announced just prior to the closed alpha starting this May, he's a nimble fighter who crucially has a really strong special move.


His ability to spin, by using his special move Taz-nado, often has the ability to propel enemies out of the arena due to the multiple hits it lands. While his base attacks aren't quite as impressive, with a few charges and bites, it's his hurricane-style special ability that'll serve you very well.

Of course, some of the superhero characters in MultiVersus are also fairly reliable choices. Batman is a hand-to-hand brawler who can juggle enemies with is uppercut attack, and land melee combos to deal a lot of damage. Superman is an unsurprisingly strong fighter too, with a heat vision moves that propels enemies while also giving him increased armour.

Will There Be More MultiVersus Characters?

If the current roster doesn't include your favourite character from Warner Bros franchises, then worry not - new characters are on the way! At the moment, WB Games has confirmed that new fighters will arrive down the line, but they haven't confirmed which ones. Equally, we don't know whether these characters will be announced prior to MultiVersus releasing publicly, or if they'll come as add-ons.

However, some renowned leakers have pointed towards characters that'll come to MultiVersus at some point. As per Hungrybox, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and Rick from Rick and Morty are also set to be in the game, after early development screenshots leaked. That could be subject to change though, depending on whether plans or licenses have changed in the time since those leaks emerged.

Even if Gandalf and Rick don't come to MultiVersus, new characters are definitely on the way. Expect even more DC icons, Looney Tunes characters, and Cartoon Network classics.

That's it for our MultiVersus tier list! We'll be sure to update it once new characters land and the meta changes ar public release. Until then, feel free to check out our voice actors list, to see who's behind your favourite fighter.