MultiVersus - How to eat sandwich as Shaggy

Image of Shaggy holding a sandwich in MultiVersus.

Image of Shaggy holding a sandwich in MultiVersus.

If you've played any of MultiVersus yet, you'll know just how effective Shaggy can be in battle. Scooby Doo's food-obsessed sidekick is one of the most powerful fighters in the free-to-play game, with some mean perks and special moves to boot. One of them requires you to eat a sandwich as Shaggy in MultiVersus, which is slightly more confusing than you may presume.

In this MultiVersus guide, we'll break down how you eat a sandwich as Shaggy. As mentioned, it's key to activating one of his best perks, so you'll definitely want to know how to do it to take advantage of those super moves in battle.

How do I eat a sandwich as Shaggy in MultiVersus?

More often than not, you'll find that you don't need to eat a sandwich as Shaggy in MultiVersus. However, one of his most powerful perks is tied to consuming a sandwich, so in those cases it becomes crucial. The chances are only the most elite MultiVersus Shaggy mains will find use for it, but it's good to know nonetheless.

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The perk in question is fittingly titled Hangry Man. When activated, it allows Shaggy to charge his Rage bar faster, as such being able to activate blisteringly powerful moves more quickly. However, the caveat is that he needs to eat one of the sandwiches strewn across each arena, rather than using it as a projectile to hurt enemies.

To do that, you need to pick up a sandwich by tapping the left trigger button when near one during a battle. One thing to note is that Shaggy often starts a match with a sandwich pre-equipped, so you could consume it quickly at the start of a bout to start accruing Rage.

With a sandwich equipped, hold the joystick down and press the Special button. Then press the Special command again, and the sandwich will disappear while the Rage meter starts loading. It may not seem the easiest, but that's how Shaggy eats the sandwich to start charging up.

That's it for our look at how to eat a sandwich as Shaggy in MultiVersus! While it may initially seem like a fairly trivial concept to start with, you'll soon realise just how useful it can be in tight battles.

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