How to get gold fast in MultiVersus

Image of Batman, Bugs Bunny, and Fin in MultiVersus.

Image of Batman, Bugs Bunny, and Fin in MultiVersus.

If you want to start unlocking some of your favourite characters in MultiVersus, you'll want to earn some gold. It's the base currency that you absolutley need in order to unlock fighters like Batman and Shaggy. If you're new to the game and want a bit of help, this is how to get gold fast in MultiVersus.

In this MultiVersus guide, we'll run through a few ways to get gold quicker than usual. There are a few different methods to try out, ensuring you can start accruing currency no matter how often you play

How do I get gold fast in MultiVersus?

The main way to get gold in MultiVersus is by playing matches. It may sound simple, but the game offers a gamut of currency just for getting through fights. If you're playing the best-of-three mode, each round bags you nine coins, with a further nine as a victory bonus. It may not sound much initially, but those will stack up as you play more.

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Equally, you'll earn gold for levelling up across various attributes. Each time you level up your profile you get a 100 gold bonus. On top of that, gold is offered as a free reward on the battle pass, as well as a progression prize on each character's individual levelling tree. Tier five of each character's progression nets you 100 gold, so it's worth doing.

Aside from that, the only other way to get gold fast in MultiVersus is by completing the dedicated missions. When you first log into the game there are seven starter missions, ranging from playing a few matches to checking out the settings menu. Getting through all of those will net you thousands of gold, which is enough to go out and purchase a character of your choice.

Alongside those you can also complete the daily missions that reset every 24 hours. The gold yield is lower here, but it definitely stacks up if you play regularly.

However, there's no way to purchase extra gold using Gleamium, the premium currency in MultiVersus. You'll have to grind for gold to purchase new characters and abilities, unless you purchase the Founder's Pack and get unlock tokens.

That's it for our look at how to get gold fast in MultiVersus! If you have plenty of cash but don't know what to use it on, check out our MultiVersus tier list to see where each fighter ranks. We've also got a look at how to play MultiVersus local multiplayer if you want to duel with friends!

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