Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Well-Done Steak For Fugen the Elder

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One of the first requests you’ll get upon arriving in Kamura Village in Monster Hunter Rise is from Fugen the Elder. He’ll ask you to deliver Well-Done Steak, so how exactly do you get this? Well, in this MH Rise Well-Done Steak guide we’ll tell you exactly that. Let’s take a look.

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How to Get Well-Done Steak For Elder Fugen

To get Well Done Steak, you will first need Raw Meat. This means killing some monsters. The Izuchi in the Shrine area are a great source of this as they are easy to kill. Once you have Raw Meat, select the BBQ Spit from your menu and cook the meat. You’ll need to time things right, we have more info on how this works in our Monster Hunter Rise Meat Cooking guide.     

A hunter using the BBQ Spit in Monster Hunter Rise

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Other Ways to Get Well-Done Steak

You can also use the Motley Mix system to get Well-Done steak. You can read more about the Motley Mix here. Head to the Bunny Dojo cafe and select Motley Mix. Here, you can turn Raw Meat into Well-done steak. It will cost you money though.

Once you have Well-Done steak, hand it into Fugen the Elder. This will complete the quest. Now, head over to our guide on Sheathing Your Weapon in MH Rise. Once you’re done with that, visit our guide on Changing Your Appearance.