Monster Hunter Rise: How to Cook Using the BBQ Spit

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In Monster Hunter Rise you’ll want to make sure you have a good supply of food and rations in order to keep your stamina up during hunts. One way to do so is to use the BBQ Spit to cook raw meat, giving you well-done meat. There’s a small mini-game to master while using the BBQ Spit here, and it can be tricky to get at first. In this Monster Hunter Rise Meat Cooking guide we’ll take a look at using the BBQ Spit. We’ll also try to explain the musical mini-game so that you can get Well-Done Steak every time. 

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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Use the BBQ Spit

To use the BBQ Spit in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to be out on a quest. Make sure you have Raw Meat in your inventory (if you don’t then visit our Raw Meat Locations guide) and hold L. Select the red BBQ Spit Icon and then press Y. Your character will now set up the cooking minigame where you can cook meat.

A hunter using a BBQ Spit in the Frost Islands area of Monster Hunter Rise

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Cooking Mini-Game Tips

The cooking mini-game can be difficult to get right at first. A song will play and depending on when you press A and pull back the food, you’ll get either burnt meat, well-done steak, or rare-steak. Burnt Steak has a chance to add stamina, but may also take it away. Rare Steak will restore a small amount of stamina and Well-Done Steak will give you the full stamina increase. The key is to pull back after 6 or so seconds, after the first ‘peak’ of the tune, and before the second. You’ll here the melody resolve itself, after which you should wait a second and then hit A. It can take some practice, but just experiment and find the right spot.

That’s all you need to know about cooking meat on the BBQ Spit in Monster Hunter Rise. Now that you have Well-Done Steak, head to our guide on Fugen the Elder’s Quest. Elsewhere there’s our look at whether MH Rise is coming to PlayStation Platforms.