Monster Hunter Rise amiibo: MH Rise amiibo and What They Get You

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Monster Hunter Rise is a Switch exclusive for now. And while this may be disappointing for some, it does mean that we’re getting some brand new amiibo, in the form of the Magnamalo, Palamute and Palico figurines. Here’s all you need to know about the Monster Hunter Rise amiibo, including what each one does in-game.

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Monster Hunter Rise amiibo

There are three new amiibo coming with the release of Monster Hunter Rise. They are as follows:

  • Magnamalo
  • Palamute
  • Palico

We’ll go into some more detail for each amiibo below, but be warned that these are extremely limited stock right now, so pick them up wherever you can before they’re gone for good.


Magnamalo amiibo Unlocks

The first Monster Hunter Rise amiibo we’re going to take a look at is the Magnamalo amiibo. It is based on a monster from the game, and grants the Sinister Seal Hunter Layered Armour when used. 

an image showing the Magnamalo amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise, alongside the armour that it unlocks in game

This amiibo can also be tapped into the game daily to grant a free Lottery Ticket, which is well worth taking advantage of. It’s possible that more functionality will be added once the game launches, but for now that’s what you get with this amiibo.


Palamute amiibo Unlocks

Next up is the Palamute amiibo. These are the dogs that will encounter you out on your hunts. You can ride them around too, which you can learn more about in our Beginner’s guide. This amiibo will grant access to the Sinister Seal Palamute layered armour set. You can see this in the image below:

an image showing the Palamute amiibo from Monster Hunter Rise alongside the armour that it unlocks

As well as the Palamute armour, you’ll also get a free Lottery ticket each day for using this amiibo. Make sure you take advantage of this when you can.


Palico amiibo Unlocks

Finally, we have the Palico amiibo. Those who played Monster Hunter World will know the Palicos as small cat friends that follow you out on hunts. They provide vital support and often can really make the difference in tough battles. This Palico amiibo unlocks the Sinister Seal Palico armor set, which you can check out in the image below.

An image showing the Palico amiibo for Monster Hunter Rise. It is next to the Sinister Seal armour that it unlocks

As with the other two amiibo, the Rise Palico amiibo also grants a free Lottery ticket each day. Make sure you take advantage of this.


How to Use amiibo to Play the Lottery

If you want to use your amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to head to either of the two main merchants. Once you're there, speak to them and select 'Read amiibo'. You can then tap up to three amiibo to get three Lottery entries per day. You'll win items for doing this, so make sure you tap them in each day.

That’s all you need to know about the new Monster Hunter Rise amiibo. For more on the game be sure to check out our Monster Hunter Rise Platforms Guide.