CDL London 2020 LIVE: Updates, Bracket, Stream, Schedule, Information, Predictions & More

We're back for day 2 of CDL London as the Call of Duty League makes its London debut.

Call of Duty esports returns to one of its most famous homes, the Copper Box Arena in London.

CDL London hosts eight of the twelve franchise teams as we experience the new tournament format and today we will crown a new champion.

There's no doubt the game will change greatly come next event as we are days away from Season 2 in Modern Warfare.

You can find all of the event information, stream and updates.


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Event Information

The second event on the CDL calendar takes place from February 8th-9th at the Copper Box Arena in London’s Olympic Park, a hub of European Call of Duty esports in recent years.

Tickets can be purchased here.

The eight teams in attendance can be found below:

The teams have been split into two groups of four, where the first teams to secure two victories will advance into a single-elimination bracket where the winner of the event will be crowned.

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Live Updates Day 2

Map 3: Chicago Huntsmen 191 - 156 Dallas Empire (3-0) 22:55 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on St. Petrograd.

It's a great start for Dallas, they capture A and B with iLLeY on a 5 killstreak. Chicago spawns out on A and the Dallas swap for the C-B setup.

Dallas dominate the majority of the first half - Chicago does make a small resurgence towards the end.

Half-time score is 100-87 to Dallas.

The Huntsmen try to do the B-C flip after starting on A, but things end up in chaos as no-one can really get hold of two flags.

Chicago ends up capturing A and C, leaving Dallas in a very awkward spawn.

After a minute of fighting, Chicago gets a three cap and keep Dallas wave spawning across the map as they pull it level at 124-124 with 3 minutes left.

Dallas desperately tries to get a footing on the game but they delay the inevitable as Chicago gets another three caps with just over a minute left.

It's all done, Chicago Huntsmen win the London Home Series!

Map 2: Chicago Huntsmen 6 - 5 Dallas Empire (2-0) 22:25 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on Arklov Peak.

Gunless gets left in a 1v2 but doesn't have the chance to get a defuse with iLLeY sniping the bomb - he does get both kills but can't defuse.

Dallas plays it slow and picks off the Huntsmen in a round that left them little to work with.

The Huntsmen get a round on the board - it looked like Dallas was in control as they got control of the site and went for the plant but Envoy shuts it down and puts the advantage with Chicago.

Gunless is in the 1v3 and somehow does enough to get two kills, stop the initial defuse and finish the last man.

WHAT AN INSANE PLAY BY @Gunless!!!!1😱😱😱
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 9, 2020

It's a much simpler round for Huntsmen as they out trade Dallas and get the defuse - Gunless is 11-3 to finish the round.

A huge rush from Chicago picks up another quick round.

Dallas rush through middle and get the plant on B, they have little information and limited time to work with and can't get the defuse.

Chicago is desperately looking for the plant, but Dallas refuses to let it happen and the trad game goes in the favour of Empire.

Shotzzy puts Dallas back in control as he takes it from a 3v5 to a 3v3. Dallas continue to make the clutch kills and win the round.

Huntsmen get their early picks and Dallas try to sneak onto the B site but are quickly shut down.

A slow start ends in a few trades at B, Dallas rotates back to plant at A.Scump and Gunless combine to eliminate two and Crimsix is the last alive but can't keep them off the bomb and dies to Scump.

😎 @scump guns @Crimsix in the round 11! Chicago @Huntsmen now 2-0 up on the @DallasEmpire in the Finals! #BeTheHunterWill it end in the Domination?
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 9, 2020

Map 1: Chicago Huntsmen 250 - 239 Dallas Empire (1-0) 22:10 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Azhir Cave.

Chicago frequently outguns the Empire lineup when it comes to hardpoint contests and it's led to a significant lead throughout the map.

Dallas has failed to get a big hold but finally, get it done on the back jeep HP.

Scump's spawn flips as the HP returns to the centre of the map and Chicago are in a good position despite not being in the lead.

Huntsmen get the full squad wipe on transition and set up for one more defend and they manage to hold on for the win.

Team Singularity Win Challengers Open

Team Singularity win the CDL Challengers Open followed by Train Hard eSport and the Royal Ravens academy team finishing third.

Next Match: Chicago Huntsmen vs Dallas Empire

It's grand final time and another rematch - these two teams have already got some bad blood as they face off for the third time in the CDL already.

Map 5: Chicago Huntsmen 6 - 0 Paris Legion (3-2) 21:30 GMT

Map 5 is S&D on Arklov Peak.

It was a slow game but Chicago made early picks through Formal and Gunless giving them a clear advantage that they made use of.

A flurry of kills leaves KISMET and Scump in a 1v1, Scump plants for the defensive side and forces KISMET to defuse. KISMET gets a sniper hitmarker, Scump regenerates his health and guns him down.

Paris again finds themselves in a life deficit and with less than 20 seconds left they have no choice but to force a fight and can't come out with the win.

King Scump takes over the game getting 4 fantastic kills with the M4 and gives Chicago a free bomb plant.

It's another easy round for Chicago and Paris look like they've thrown in the towel.

Chicago go for the jugular and rush the bomb plant at B to see out the win.

Map 4: Chicago Huntsmen 239 - 250 Paris Legion (2-2) 21:10 GMT

Map 4 is HP on Gun Runner.

Not much is given up in the first hill, but the next two go the way of Chicago as they rotate early and win some crucial fights.

Paris does well to keep the game close and close the game to under 20 as they reach the second set of hills.

Chicago's flame seems to fizzle out briefly as Paris takes the lead and are the first to cross the 200 point mark.

Chicago gives up the crates hill and push to the warehouse early and stack bodies on the hill. It doesn't work out as Paris pinch together and stop Chicago from scoring.

Paris gets the scrap and already rotate for P1 spawns. Chicago throws everything on to the hill and it's a massive scrap for control that no-one comes out on top of.

P2 has been Chicago's in the past two visits and third time isn't the charm as Paris hold it down and have the favourable spawns - the hill is held neutral and Paris rotate early with the point advantage.

Map 3: Chicago Huntsmen 215 - 110 Paris Legion (2-1) 20:55 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on St. Petrograd.

Scump does a great job to neutralise the home flag of Paris by killing two players, it gives Chicago a small lead. Spawns flip and Paris capture A and B.

Players are all over the map and spawns are thus erratic, it favours Chicago who takes the opportunity to play for kills and manage to get a brief triple cap.

Chicago really step it up a gear and lead at half-time 102-53.

It's more of the same in the second half, Chicago gets a nice B-C cap and keeps their 50 point lead going for 2 minutes.

The wind has really been taken out of the sails of Paris Legion. They never had a chance to get back into the game and Chicago spent the last 2 minutes of the game rubbing salt in the wounds.

Map 2: Chicago Huntsmen 6 - 2 Paris Legion (1-1) 20:30 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on St. Petrograd.

Sloppy plays from Paris gift an easy round to Chicago.

Gunless grabs 3 kills in the round as Kismet runs straight into the heavy defence of Chicago.

Paris aren't coordinating together and it shows as they're 3 rounds down.

It's another scrambled piece of teamwork from Paris, but it pays off this time. They rotate to the B site and plant the bomb. Kismet runs around in circles before coming back to stop the defuse and run down the clock.

Arcitys sets the tone for the round as he turns on Louqa.

NAAAASTY turn-on from @Arcitys! 🤮
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 9, 2020

Paris pull things together on the attacking round as they play fast and furious.

Legion wait for Shockz to get his Dead Silence but it's all in vain as they can't match the Chicago gun skill.

Paris lose all their individual fights in the final round of the map.

Map 1: Chicago Huntsmen 216 - 250 Paris Legion (0-1) 20:10 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Hackney Yard.

The game is back and forth but Paris lead as they hit the 200 point mark.

Paris gets the rotation down for 3 hills in a row and it pays off as they win the first map.

The @ParisLegion take a close Hardpoint 250-216, they go up early on the Chicago @Huntsmen! #EnGarde
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 9, 2020


Next Match: Chicago Huntsmen vs Paris Legion

Our second semi-final features the event favourites against Paris who've played two games today and look incredible.

Map 5: London Royal Ravens 4 - 6 Dallas Empire (2-3) 19:35 GMT

Map 5 is S&D on Piccadilly.

London gets the bomb down in a 2v3, Wuskin gets it down to a 1v2 but is quickly pinched by Clayster.

Empire gets it down to a 1v2 and crowd Wuskin again who only has a sniper and pistol.

Jurd destroys a car, taking down Dylan and himself in the process but the team take their picks and win the round.

Again London take their picks, Skrapz snipes two (even with Dallas having the bomb down) and win the round.

A slow and steady round from Empire rewards them with the player advantage and they make the most of it.

Jurd's aggressive play gives the Ravens map control and it allows them the freedom to move about and pick off Dallas.

Dallas quickly take apart London leaving the Marshall twins few options but to challenge and meet their demise.

London pick off an early kill thanks to Wuskin, Dallas force the bomb plant and lose numbers - Clayster's unable to keep the round alive for his team.

Round 9 comes down to a 3v3 with less than 30 seconds left and iLLeY hits a huge flank, which allows Empire to come out with the win.

Jurd goes hyper-aggressive through the smoke and some unfortunate timing means he faces two players and falls early, then the rest fall likes dominos and Empire win the game.

Map 4: London Royal Ravens 195 - 250 Dallas Empire (2-2) 19:20 GMT

Map 4 is HP on Hackney Yard.

Ravens shake off the loss quickly and get off to a hot start, but Huke leads the charge for Dallas as they keep London at bay.

Map 3: London Royal Ravens 161 - 211 Dallas Empire (2-1) 18:55 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Hackney Yard.

Dallas makes great decisions throughout to maintain on top going into the second half.

Half-time score is 93-83 to Dallas.

London loses the fight for B in the second half and Empire gives nothing up after securing the flag - Ravens are locked on the C flag and Empire start looking for kills to extend their lead to over 20 points.

By the time Ravens get out, they're over 30 points behind. They look close to getting a triple cap but Empire stops that quickly and putting the A-B lockdown back on.

London keep fighting but whenever they make a breakthrough they're put back in their place.

Map 2: London Royal Ravens 6 - 5 Dallas Empire (2-0) 18:30 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on Gun Runner.

Fresh off the W, the Ravens rush through and clean up Empire.

Empire plays it slow and pick off London as the round goes on, nothing exciting but an effective strat.

Skrapz is left in a 1v3, he gets down to the last man (Clayster) but runs out of time before he can pick up the kill.

London lose players early and their composure gets scrambled, they look flustered and make mistakes that lead to another round loss.

Wuskin gets the sniper pick and it opens up a chance for the Ravens to be aggressive and clear out the rest of the team.

Huke gets a quick first blood and charges through crates and London can't handle him.

The Ravens get the bomb down at A and have the numbers advantage as well as the position advantage and clean up the round.

Wuskin predicts Huke's rush to crates and banks a nade. Empire commits to the bomb plant, Dylan charges through the smoke with Dead Silence and kill the last two players.

Fast and aggressive play (although scrappy) rewards London with another round.

Empire gets the bomb down and London are spread out, Empire win their fights and win the round.

Empire storm the A bomb site but the Ravens read it and exchange the kills in their favour. Shotzzy and iLLeY are in a 2v4 and they quickly take down two, before Jurd exchanges onto iLLeY. Shotzzy tries to take on Rated as Jurd defuses but he can't win the fight.

London 2-0 up! The S&D round 11 win gets the @RoyalRavens a map away from the Finals. #6thRaven
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 9, 2020
London 2-0 up! The S&D round 11 win gets the @RoyalRavens a map away from the Finals. #6thRaven
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 9, 2020

Map 1: London Royal Ravens 250 - 242 Dallas Empire (1-0) 18:15 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Rammaza.

Dallas were in the lead but one swift play from Wuskin gets him three kills and locks down the Hardpoint to put the Ravens ahead.

Momentum has got London firing as they're out slaying Empire in any CQB situation.

The scores are 240-239 to Empire in the last hill, London get the early rotation and as Empire flood the hill Raven destroys 3 people.

The #6thRaven ROARS as the London @RoyalRavens take the Hardpoint 250-242 over the @DallasEmpire!
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 9, 2020

Next Match: London Royal Ravens vs Dallas Empire

The first semi-final matchup is here and it's between the crowd favourite and the "villains" of COD.

Map 3: Paris Legion 162 - 170 New York Subliners (3-0) 17:35 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Gun Runner.

It's an early start for the New York, teams get split spawn on either side of the map and there's a period of indecision from both teams before Legion get a triple cap.

New York get the lead back towards the end of the half after winning some clutch gunfights.

Half-time score 89-88 to New York.

Paris was 20 points behind before a string of kill put New York on the back A spawn, Denz hits a 7 killstreak to put his team ahead.

The Australian @DenzJT gives the Americans a Domination lesson in London 🤓 #CDLLondon
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 9, 2020

Map 2: Paris Legion 6 - 0 New York Subliners (2-0) 17:20 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on Rammaza.

Accuracy is quickly left in a 1v4 with bomb down, he manages to grab two before being taken down.

Paris once again gets first blood and control of the A bombsite, they slowly pick off New York and win the round.

Paris plays aggressive on defence and quickly eliminates any New York threat to go 3-0 up.

For the fourth round in a row, Paris gets the first blood and things fall in to place as they get Dead Silence and go on the hunt.

It's the first round that Paris fails to get first blood, but it doesn't matter. They kill the bomb carrier and surround it together to hold out the round.

Kismet storms through the defences on New York on the B site and lock up the flawless map 6-0.

Map 1: Paris Legion 250 - 231 New York Subliners (1-0) 17:00 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Rammaza.

A close game throughout enters the final hardpoint at 238-231 for Paris. They get the early rotation and New York can't break the hill.

Next Match: Paris Legion vs New York Subliners

After that long break for the hype match, we're back for a round 1 rematch.

Map 4: Dallas Empire 210 - 250 Seattle Surge (3-1) 15:20 GMT

Dallas and Seattle go neck and neck throughout the game, but Dallas lock down the pool hall hardpoint and see out the game.

Map 3: Dallas Empire 179 - 191 Seattle Surge (3-1) 15:05 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on St. Petrograd.

The first half was close but Seattle managed to look down two flags comfortably for the last few minutes.

Half-time score 106-83 to Seattle.

Dallas cut the deficit after a solid start to the second half, but Seattle kept their cool and maintained their lead.

Map 2: Dallas Empire 6 - 2 Seattle Surge (2-0) 14:40 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on Arklov Peak.

Seattle retakes the site after Dallas get the bomb plant and win the numbers battle.

Slacked smashes the 1v2 (technically 1v3) after Seattle get caught out of position.

.@Slacked with the 1v2! 😱
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 9, 2020

Dallas pulls a round back after they pick off the Surge one by one.

Dallas plays it slow and catch out Seattle separating from each other.

Enable's left in a 1v3 with the bomb down, he can only hide and wait out the round but iLLeY hunts him down and gets the final kill as the bomb explodes.

The Dead Silence comes up for Huke and Clayster and both of the flank to clean up all 5 of the Surge.

Surge get the bomb plant but they're unable to see out the timer and Empire quickly dispatch of them.

It's always left on Enable, the Surge are having a nightmare after a good start.

Map 1: Dallas Empire 250 - 185 Seattle Surge (1-0) 14:30 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Gun Runner.

A close game in which Dallas are marginally leading slowly gets away from Seattle, Shotzzy and Clayster drop some incredible numbers.

Next Match: Dallas Empire vs Seattle Surge

The re-match is here, can Seattle improve from their 3-0 defeat on day 1?

Map 4: Paris Legion 250 - 108 Toronto Ultra (2-1) 13:40 GMT

Map 4 is HP on Hackney Yard.

The double AR setup works a treat for Paris as they put Toronto in the 100 point club.

Map 3: Paris Legion 201 - 167 Toronto Ultra (2-1) 13:40 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Gun Runner.

Toronto got very comfortable in the game early on and controlled the map throughout the first half.

Half-time score was 104-77 for Toronto.

It's a great second half start from Paris, they take the lead after being almost 30 points behind.

Map 2: Paris Legion 6 - 3 Toronto Ultra (1-1) 13:20 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on Rammaza.

Louqa gets a 1v2 ninja defuse to put Paris 4-3 up.

Denz is 13-4 as Paris lead 5-3 and finish up the final round.

Map 1: Paris Legion 180 - 250 Toronto Ultra (0-1) 13:00 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Gun Runner.

The game has started even, Toronto are attempting to flip the spawns with no success.

It was close throughout but Toronto really pushed ahead in the final two hills

Next Match: Paris Legion vs Toronto Ultra

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Map 5: LA Guerrillas 5 - 6 Seattle Surge (2-3) 12:15 GMT

Map 5 is S&D on St. Petrograd.

Apathy runs into the smoke on A, bides his time and picks up two easy kills to set Seattle up for an easy round win.

Aqua finds himself in a 1v2 and loses the gunfight to Karma as he peaks the A site.

Round 3 starts off hot and ends in a 2v2. Aches gets separated from Decemate and both players are picked off.

LA play aggressive and it works out as they overwhelm Seattle.

Decemate makes the right decisions through the round but it's hard to overlook the fact he should have been killed by Enable.

The Guerrillas wake up and stop any advances onto A - all tied up.

Poor teamwork from Seattle and great teamwork from LA - simple but effective bait and switches.

Octane gets a snipe for first blood and Karma follows up to put them two players up. The plan falls apart from LA and Surge take the round.

Seattle get to match point as they keep cool and slowly pick off LA, thanks to Octane's sniper.

Slacked gets first blood but Seattle don't make a decision and a series of kills go in LA's favour!

Decemate plants the bomb in a 2v3 and Octane manages to get a two-piece with the pistol to win the game!

.@SeattleSurge complete the reverse sweep 👏👏
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 9, 2020

Map 4: LA Guerrillas 231 - 250 Seattle Surge (2-2) 12:00 GMT

Map 4 is HP on Azhir Cave.

Octane is on a tear, giving LA no chance of getting near any hill - he's 16-5 as Seattle pass the 100 point mark.

Surge take a commanding lead, but LA seem to have gotten back into the game AGAIN. They get to 212-212 and take the lead.

The spawns go against LA and Surge wins their fights to hold out the game.

Mexican Breakfast Is Better Than An English Breakfast?

And @H3CZ has closed the argument. But apparently, Mexican breakfast is x10 better than English breakfast? 🤔
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 9, 2020

Map 3: LA Guerrillas 175 vs 193 Seattle Surge (2-1) 11:45 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Gun Runner.

Seattle win the exchanges off the break and it's set them up for an easy time through the majority of the first half.

Apathy has been getting close and personal in the enemy spawn and stopping them from pushing out together.

The half-time score is 107-73 in favour of Seattle.

Things started off well for Seattle, but Guerrillas have done a great job to get back into the game. However, it's not enough to get into the lead.

T2P Reunited

.@FormaL explains how his #T2P duo @scump reached out at the end of last season 🗣️
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 9, 2020

Map 2: LA Guerrillas 6 - 5 Seattle Surge (2-0) 11:00 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on Arklov Peak.

A slow round sees the Guerrillas get the better of the trades and leave Enable in a 1v3 that he can't pull off.

A very slow round leads to a bomb plant by the Guerrillas, they struggle to hold the site and Surge retake with two bodies to spare.

Surge play fast and aggressive on the attack and quickly dispatch 3 players, before seeing out the round.

Another tough round for LA, Lacefield tries to make the most of a 1v2 but Surge keep it together to win.

Enable gets a free plant down, but Saints and Lacefield pinch him at the same time to get the kill and defuse.

Seattle drop another round as they lose numbers early.

Aqua and Karma are left in a 1v1, Aqua uses Dead Silence to wrap around the broken building to kill Karma.

LA get another plant down but Seattle catch them out and defuse the bomb.

Guerrillas play aggressive on defence and overwhelm Seattle.

Octane gets first pick with the sniper and follows up with another on Saints, starting a flurry of kills that Seattle come out on top of.

Seattle can't make a decision and find they're being picked off, LA eventually take the team down to win the game.

Map 1: LA Guerrillas 250 - 210 Seattle Surge (1-0) 10:40 GMT

Map 1 is HP on St. Petrograd.

A comfortable game for the Guerrillas, their hold on the first pool HP really solidified the game for them.

Lacefield once again picking up from where he left off yesterday as well as Aqua going 33-23.

We're back for day two of our CDL London coverage - be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest and check back on this page!

Live Updates Day 1

Domination Damage Dealt

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Map 5: London Royal Ravens 6 - 4 New York Subliners (2-2) - 19:50 GMT

Map 5 is S&D on Gun Runner.

Subliners are in a 2v1 against Skrapz and managed to see out the game.

The numbers advantage goes against the Ravens again, this time Dylan is in an unwinnable 1v3.

A 3v2 to Subliners somehow goes against them and they lose all 3 players.

Somehow Skrapz avoids certain death as he's caught off guard and it sets off a chain reaction that Ravens come out on top of.

New York get the bomb down but Ravens push through and occupy them while Skrapz flanks and picks up 2.

It's all going London's way, they decimate New York once again - two more rounds and they'll be in bracket play.

New York again get the bomb down and trades go down everywhere leaving Skrapz and Temp in a 1v1. Temp fires at the bomb and Skrapz can't catch him, Temp wraps back around and wins the duel.

The 2v2 quickly becomes a 1v2 and then Wuskin makes it another 1v1 with Temp before quickly being traded out.

The Ravens overwhelm New York and make it a 3v1, which they win.

Dylan reaches 15 kills and the Ravens secure a quick winning round and confirming the reverse sweep.

"2-0 and you f***** it up" 😅The @RoyalRavens make it to bracket play at #CDLLondon
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 4: London Royal Ravens 250 - 135 New York Subliners (2-2) - 19:35 GMT

Map 4 is HP on Hackney Yard.

London are doing enough to stay ahead, but it's anyone's game as we approach the 100 point mark.

Ravens reach 100 points first and start to pull away as they lock down the C flag hardpoint.

Subliners just cannot get back in the game, they're out slayed and out rotated.

There's no answer and the Royal Ravens take it to a game 5 - is a reverse sweep on the cards?

One. More. Map.
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 3: London Royal Ravens 200 - 152 New York Subliners (1-2) - 19:20 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Hackney Yard.

Subliners continue to dominate, they get hold of B and C. But Ravens pick them off, rotate around and cap C. Attach is the only man left to hold on at B and is eventually taken down.

The Ravens do a great job of controlling the map and accumulate almost a 20 point lead, the spawns flip and they lose control of B.

The Ravens have the lead at half-time, they'll need to trade better after the break to maintain it.

It's a great second half from the Ravens, particularly from Wuskin and they take their lead and extend it.

Comeback time?
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 2: London Royal Ravens 5 - 6 New York Subliners (0-2) - 18:50 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on St. Petrograd.

The Ravens go two men down but find a series of kills to win the first round.

Marshall twin CLUTCH: @wuskinz and @skrapzg 2v4 the New York @subliners!
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 8, 2020

Rated and Attach find themselves in a 1v1. Attach plants at B and as Rated passes through mid-street he's caught out.

Subliners lead once again, nothing excited, but they did their jobs.

Subliners find themselves in a 2v4 and get the bomb plant down. Zer0 and Accuracy are so busy trying not to die they don't notice Dylan ninja defusing.

Wuskin stays patient as Subliners storm the bombsite, looking to defuse, and he clutches 1v2.

Things get scrappy in round 6 and Temp leads the line picking up 3 kills.

The battle of the Dylans goes Attach's way in round 7.

Subliners storm the bomb site and aren't ready for the positions the Ravens are posted up in.

Round 10 is fast and frantic on the A site, the exchanges don't go Ravens way and it's pushed to a final round.

Rated gets first blood at A on defence. Subliners back up and think about rotating to B, but they decide to bide their time and leave Ravens to make mistakes.

A Message From Hecz

.@H3CZ has a message for everyone at CDL London this weekend.
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 1: London Royal Ravens 250 - 187 New York Subliners (0-1) - 18:40 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Rammaza.

The Subliners start off hot leading by almost 50 points and nearly reaching 100 points after the first few hills.

Zer0 is causing all sorts of problems for the Ravens, he's running riot on the map and slowing down any push to the hill.

London comes screaming back into the game, only 10-20 points separate the Subliners are the first to grace the 200 point mark.

Subliners hold strong and see out the game.

Next Match: London Royal Ravens vs New York Subliners

A Minnesota rematch - London steamrolled New York last time, but will they have stepped up their game?

Map 4: Chicago Huntsmen 175 - 250 Dallas Empire (3-1) - 18:00 GMT

Map 4 is HP on St. Petrograd.

Dallas starts well on the first two hardpoint, Formal stops the Empire lead getting out of control as he sits in the top window.

The Huntsmen get the pool hall scrap and make the score 95-95. They also get hold of the next hardpoint and pass the 100 point mark as Gunless gets riverside control.

Chicago stretched their lead to 30, but Dallas answers right back.

Scump gets an early setup on the next hill and Chicago controls the spawns. Dallas falls and ends up spawning out.

Envoy goes on an 8 streak as Dallas desperately try to slow down the Huntsmen. Chicago are playing smooth Call of Duty, they're one step ahead on every rotation and Empire are constantly chasing their tail.

Dallas breaks the Hardpoint, but Chicago are so far ahead that Envoy can rotate early and win the game.

Map 3: Chicago Huntsmen 160 - 210 Dallas Empire (2-0) - 17:40 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Hackney Yard.

Dallas take a nice lead, to bounce back from that tough defeat. They lock down the A and B flags well; forcing Huntsmen to wave spawn.

Huntsmen slow down Dallas from getting a bigger lead, they managed to neutralise the A flag while taking B. Dallas continue to spawn at A and take it back, they exchange kills and retake B.

Half-time ends 105-86 in favour of Dallas. It's a reset that Chicago needed.

The break did nothing for Chicago, Dallas has A and B once again and Chicago fall repeatedly - they trail by 20.

An opening arrives, Dallas Empire moves up too far and all 5 go down. Chicago get the two cap on A and B.

Dallas bounces back in a scrappy fight on B, they clear out the room take C, B and eventually A.

The rest of the series plays out like a storybook, Dallas lock it down and push their lead further and further out of Chicago's reach.

Map 2: Chicago Huntsmen 6 - 5 Dallas Empire (2-0) - 17:15 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on Piccadilly.

Empire gets the early snipe pick on Formal and it sets the tone for the round as they managed to plant the bomb and force Huntsmen to answer; they pick them off and take round 1.

Numbers are against Chicago, they get the plant down but are picked off and Scump can't clutch the 1v3.

Dallas is flowing with confidence, they storm the bomb site for a quick plant. Chicago can only opt for a defuse, but Huke stays hidden until necessary and stop Arcitys with the snipe.

Dallas gets picked off and Huke generously gifts Chicago their first-round by killing himself with the semtex.

Chicago is warming up and they offer little for Dallas to pick off.

We're all square - Chicago again give Dallas little to work with and win the attacking round.

Scump and Arcitys are linking up well as they get the early picks, but Crimsix goes on a flank with Dead Silence and catches two unaware. Envoy goes from a 2v1 to a 1v1 but he's no match from Crim.

The WINNINGEST COD player in history @Crimsix 💪 #CDLLondon
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Envoy's left in a 2v1 again against iLLeY and Crimsix but can't pull it off.

A frustrated Envoy pops Dead Silence and runs a train through Dallas picking up 4 kills in round 9.

The Huntsmen waste no time taking it to round 11, they dominate Dallas again and the momentum is back in their favour.

Dallas are on the attack in round 11, Formal and Clayster both take a kill to kick things off. A long pause before Dallas gets the plant off, Chicago spring into life and Huntsmen come up with the goods.

Map 1: Chicago Huntsmen 250 - 151 Dallas Empire (1-0) - 17:00 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Gun Runner.

Chicago gets off to an early lead, but Dallas isn't far behind as the fight at containers.

Dallas play conservatively so they can lock down the back of the map (A flag on Domination), they get the setup to start bringing the score back.

Huntsmen stop Dallas getting too far ahead with a nice break, they lead by about 30 going into depot HP.

Huntsmen give up the scrap time to rotate to minecart, Envoy locks down the spawn and it works initially but Dallas manages to swap spawns and keep the deficit at 30.

Chicago crosses the 200 point mark and starts to turn the screw as Dallas goes over 80 points behind in the next hill.

Momentum goes Chicago's way and they lock out the game by almost 100 points.

Chicago @Huntsmen claim the opening Hardpoint 250-151 over the @DallasEmpire. #BeTheHunter@Gunless helps bring it home for Chicago in the @ScufGaming Play of the Game.
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 8, 2020

Next Match: Chicago Huntsmen vs Dallas Empire

A BIG rematch from Minnesota and the new eClassico.

Royal Ravens Winning Reaction

LETS GO @RoyalRavens 🔥🔥
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 4: Toronto Ultra 250 - 181 London Royal Ravens (2-1) - 16:30 GMT

Map 4 is Azhir Cave on Modern Warfare.

An even first hill is quickly forgotten as the Ravens set up early on the next hill and manage to snowball their way forward.

The Ravens hit the 100 point mark and lead by 40.

Toronto pulls it back after the first set of hills, going in at 125-125.

The Ravens pull it together and hold down the first hill as Toronto struggle to co-ordinate a full push.

London also lock down the spawn for Football Pitch and Toronto are panic pushing, they lose a ton of time as the Ravens pass the 200 point mark.

Toronto managed to get to the next hill and pull some points back, but it's all given up to London.

The Ravens put themselves within 10 points of winning the series and Toronto cannot stop the bleed.

Map 3: Toronto Ultra 209 - 173 London Royal Ravens (2-1) - 16:10 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Gun Runner.

After a minute of play, everything is dead even with no-one giving much up.

The person in charge of COD caster has had a mare, they've swapped the teams around on the HUD.

Bance is dominating the Ravens, he's been let loose and is just slaying out the opposition. The Ravens spawn out on C as they find themselves almost 30 points behind.

Half-time finishes 122-74 for Toronto, Bance again continues to dominate.

The second half begins as the second ended, with the Ravens spawn trapped on A.

The Ravens fight hard but it's seemingly impossible to break down their Toronto set up, especially with Bance clearing up and slowing them down.

The @TorontoUltra staying alive, they grab the 209-173 Domination against the @RoyalRavens. #SooUltraLondon leads 2-1:
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 8, 2020

The Crowd Reacts To The Ravens Winning

🗣 With the crowd as the London @RoyalRavens win the S&D! #6thRaven
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
February 8, 2020

Map 2: Toronto Ultra 4 - 6 London Royal Ravens (2-0) - 15:45 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on Piccadilly.

Cammy picks up a quick double cross-map to take the first round.

Cammy is 5-0 and Dylan is 0-4 - the series appears to be flipped on its head as the Ravens are being picked off one by one.

Ravens get the rush plant down in round 4 and managed to pull one back. It's clear Ultra are looking to play a slow game and aren't able to react to the fast plants.

Ultra switch things up and opt for the fast plant themselves. Kills are exchanged and it's a 2v2, the Marshall twins work together as Wuskin distract Toronto and Skrapz ninja defuses.

Round 6 is much slower and that works out well for Ultra as they lock down the lines of sight and pick off London.

Wuskin hits two snipes in an almost flawless round from the Ravens.

Jurd gets into the face of Toronto landing a drop shot followed by a jump shot over the card with the MP5.

The momentum is with the Ravens now, Bance is left in a 1v3 but without Dead Silence, he didn't stand a chance.

Dylan absolutely destroys Toronto to give them an early advantage and the Ravens quickly finish it up.

The luck of the Irish? 😎 @DylanCOD_@jurd#CDLLondon
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Formal Is Team Baked Beans

We can always rely on @FormaL to back the beans initiative.
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

The Marshall Twins After Map 1

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Map 1: Toronto Ultra 221 - 250 London Royal Ravens (1-0) - 15:30 GMT

Map 1 is HP on Rammaza.

The Ravens are controlling a strong lead at the moment, Toronto aren't out yet but they're not able to get control of the maps or spawns.

H3CZ tries to get the ball back for the crowd.

Give @H3CZ the ball 😢😢
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Wuskin dominating the map going 36-16.

Toronto tries to hold down the market HP, the Ravens only needed two points and they gamble on in all. They break the hill and stop Ultra 30 points shy of the finish.

You’re our hero
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Next Match Toronto Ultra vs London Royal Ravens

The home town team are next on stage.

The crowd's ball has been confiscated!

— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 3: Chicago Huntsmen 169 - 167 Los Angeles Guerrillas (3-0) - 14:45 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Hackney Yard.

LA Guerrillas have shaken off the cobwebs and have got into their groove at they started the first half well, controlling a consistent two flags.

Chicago have started to hear up a little late into the round and pull off a 3 cap. The twenty point lead has slowly been chipped away.

Huntsmen lead at half-time 80-72.

The Guerrillas have fought well to keep the game close, but Hunstmen have had the edge and have dominated the fight for the B flag; they lead 141-121.

Spawns go against Chicago and LA capitalise on their gunfights, they come close to a triple cap but fail to grab C - losing by two points.

Crimsix Hates Baked Beans

Who let this man into the venue?!

.@Crimsix says NO to baked beans for breakfast 🚫
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 2: Chicago Huntsmen 6 - 3 Los Angeles Guerrillas (2-0) - 14:15 GMT

Map 2 is S&D on St. Petrograd.

It seems the crowd isn't a fan of ACHES...

The #CDLLondon crowd's having fun with @Benson_EU 🎤
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Gunless win s a 1v1 against ACHES to put Chicago two rounds ahead.

Lacefield attempts to win a big 1v4 but can't keep his eyes on the bomb and it's defused as Chicago have two left alive.

Lacefield is the only thing keeping LA in this series. He's bee instrumental in their past two round wins.

The Hunstmen hold on and win the game 6-3.

Map 1: Chicago Huntsmen 250 - 158 Los Angeles Guerrillas (1-0) - 14:00 GMT

It's a hot start on Gun Runner HP for the Hunstmen as they lead by over 20 points.

Tough game for Guerillas as the Hunstmen double the lead and cross the 200 threshold.

Next Match: Chicago Huntsmen vs LA Geurrillas

The "new OpTic" take on the OpTic killer ACHES - this match is going to get spicy.

"Let's go Hunstmen" shouts the subdued crowd. I wonder who the favourites are?

Map 3: Seattle Surge 162 - 167 Dallas Empire (0-3) - 13:10 GMT

Empire leads the Domination on St. Petrograd 64-37 as both squads scrap for the B flag.

Dallas are the first squad to hit the 100 point mark - they finish the half 105-70.

Dallas completed the sweep with an easy win over Surge.

Map 2: Seattle Surge 5 - 6 Dallas Empire (0-2) - 12:30 GMT

Gun Runner gets a second bite of the cherry as it hosts the S&D.

Enable manages to clutch up a 1v2 to put Seattle 1-0 up.

.@SeattleSurge's @Enable gets the 1v2! 👏 #CDLLondon
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Apathy's flank rewards him with three kills and a fourth-round win.

Out of nowhere, Dallas make a comeback to go to a round 11.

It all falls apart for Surge and Empire go up 2-0 in the series.

Map 1: Seattle Surge 225 - 250 Dallas Empire (0-1) - 12:30 GMT

HP on Gun Runner kicks off this series and Empire are off to a hot start as they claim 60 points.

Clayster gets off to a 10 killstreak as Empire hit the 100 point mark, Seattle trail by 70.

After a rocky start, Seattle has pulled together and now lead with 70 points left.

Seattle need a perfect hold to see out the game, with Empire only needing 3 points to secure victory. The odds are against them and despite their hard work they fail to do it as Illey flanks and picks up the points.

Next Match: Seattle Surge vs Dallas Empire

A nice grudge match between former teammates Karma and Crimsix!

Both squads have a lot to prove this weekend.

Map 4: New York Subliners 250 - 114 Paris Legion (3-1) - 12:00 GMT

Map 4 is HP on St. Petrograd.

New York get off to an early start on HP, at once stage 50-0. As the hill rotate, Paris managed to half the deficit.

ZooMaa took over the show early on in the first set of hills and has been unstoppable since.

The first series of the weekend goes to @subliners! 🇺🇸They beat @ParisLegion 3-1 thanks to the Italian Stallion's stampeed 🐎
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 3: New York Subliners 165 - 183 Paris Legion (2-1) - 11:45 GMT

Map 3 is Domination on Gun Runner - New York are off to an early start.

The chat is currently spamming #KeepSBMM...even the chat are trolling Paris at this point.

It's just not @ParisLegion's
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Accuracy leads the game 17-9 as New York still lead.

A great string of kills puts Paris in the lead with Denz leading the charge. They get all 5 down and triple cap to see off the threat.

Paris was unbeaten on this mode and map combo before this weekend and it remains the same.

Map 2: New York Subliners 6 - 1 Paris Legion (2-0) - 11:30 GMT

New York quickly find themselves two rounds to the good on Rammaza, thanks to a ZooMaa flank - his duo Accuracy has his back and goes 5-0.

Accuracy proving that even the best of us have our moments...

Happens to the best of us @AccuracyLA 😂
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Paris rally together on the attack and at least register a round win on the board.

New York give no room for error and shut out a map with ease.

Accuracy finishes up the final round with a destructive three-piece.

Wake up @DenzJT it's game time! 😅@AccuracyLA puts @subliners up 2-0 ✌️ #CDLLondon
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
February 8, 2020

Map 1: New York Subliners 250 - 202 Paris Legion (1-0) - 11:20 GMT

A close game sees Subliners take map 1 (Hackney Yard).

Temp pulls of a clutch kill to prevent Paris Legion from locking down the spawns and they hold out for the win.

New York Subliners vs Paris Legion - 11:00 GMT

The day will kick off with New York Subliners and Paris Legion!

First-Round Predictions

Dallas Empire v Seattle Surge

With both teams losing both of their opening games at Launch Weekend, both sides will be intent on bouncing back with a victory.

Dallas Empire are still considered a top team due to the nature of their first matches being against the two best teams in the league.

Ian “Crimsix” Porter & co will be hoping to take down an out of sorts Seattle team with ease but if the Surge has managed to improve their Search & Destroy, there could be a chance of this game being very competitive.

I doubt that Seattle has managed to make massive improvements in S&D in such a short space of time so I think the Empire will kick off the weekend with a 3-1 victory.


Chicago Huntsmen v Los Angeles Guerrillas

After Launch Weekend, the Huntsmen cemented their place as one of the strongest teams in the whole league.

Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson has ditched the assault rifle for an MP5 and excelled with it in their opening games.

As for the Guerrillas, they managed to ruffle a few feathers by walking away with a win against the Florida Mutineers and they could well have taken down Minnesota if it wasn’t for a breach of the rules.

Nonetheless, now Los Angeles has a bit more practice under their belts, it could be a closer contest than many expect.

LA does have the potential to take a map of Chicago but I think that the Huntsmen will capitalise on the opportunity to move to the top of the table with a win.

I’m predicting a 3-0 in favour of the Huntsmen.


New York Subliners v Paris Legion

The Paris Legion were the talk of the CDL at Launch Weekend, turning the pre-season power rankings on their head, scoring two wins from two.

The international roster has the chance to keep pace with Chicago if they are able to beat a New York team that heavily underperformed in Minnesota.

If New York is to live up to the potential that the players possess, improvements in S&D are needed as the slaying ability in respawn game modes is already there.

This series is going to go one of two ways – a dominant 3-0 for Paris or a thrilling series that goes down to the wire. I think that the second option is more than likely, making this my match of the day for day one.

London Royal Ravens v Toronto Ultra

Lastly, the home team begin their home series weekend against a Toronto team that looks to have undergone a slight change ahead of the London event.

2016 world championship runner up Ben “Bance” Bance is rumoured to have replaced Adrian “MettalZ” Serrano on the starting line-up in an attempt to improve the fortunes of the Ultra.

The Ravens will be looking to improve on a relatively solid performance from Launch Weekend with a big point haul in their first home series in the UK this season.

Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall ended the first weekend of the season with the highest kill-to-death ratio of everyone, helping his team secure a comfortable win against New York before being defeated by a hot Paris Legion.

With the home crowd behind them, London should be able to take down Toronto but will the addition of Bance to the team give the Ravens a run for their money at their home event?

I can see the Ultra taking a map but the Ravens will be too strong for them and will take the win 3-1.


Top 4 Predictions

  1. Chicago Hunstmen
  2. Dallas Empire
  3. London Royal Ravens
  4. Paris Legion

I think Chicago is the better team that is attending the London home series and they will be very difficult to beat if Launch Weekend is anything to go by.

I see the Empire bouncing back strongly after a difficult opening weekend. London will be intent on putting in a shift in front of the passionate fans while Paris will also be in contention for a top-four finish.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95

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