CDL 2020: Seattle Surge COD Team Profile For Call of Duty League 2020

On October 21st, the Seattle Call of Duty League (CDL) franchise revealed its starting roster ahead of the start of the 2020 CDL season and the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, releasing on October 25th. A star-studded roster filled with experience and championships to boot, Seattle are already looking like championship contenders on Modern Warfare. Let’s take a closer look at the team.

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Karma: One Last Run?

After a turbulent Black Ops 4 season under OpTic Gaming, many people wondered whether Black Ops 4 would be the last time three-time world champion Damon “Karma” Barlow would play Call of Duty at the highest level. Amid rumours of transitioning into a coaching position ahead of the Modern Warfare season, Karma has joined Seattle in what could be one last run for championship glory. Accompanied by some household names from recent titles, Karma is in a good position to add another trophy to his collection.

With Modern Warfare seeing a return to more traditional gameplay and mechanics, it should suit Karma better than previous titles where the pace of the game has been extremely fast. A more tactical and strategic approach for “three rings” is exactly what he needs to get back to winning ways.

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Enable & Octane: The Partnership Continues

Ian “Enable” Wyatt and Sam “Octane” Larew were arguably one of the more successful player partnerships during the Black Ops 4 season. Winning CWL London and Anaheim back to back was a phenomenal achievement with both Enable and Octane excelling in their respective roles.

Typically armed with a sub-machine gun, Enable won’t always be at the top of the scoreboard with the most kills but he will be doing the “dirty work” – battling for scrap time, contesting objectives and picking up any trades efficiently.

On the other end of the spectrum is Octane. Since breaking out on Infinite Warfare, he has quickly cemented his position as one of the top Assault Rifle (AR) players in the world. Operating as a much more aggressive AR player as opposed to being more passive, locking down spawns.

The partnership from Black Ops 4 continues as they move into the CDL with a strong Seattle roster that is more than capable of winning.

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Slacked & Apathy: The X Factors

These two players are particularly interesting acquisitions from Seattle. Despite winning a championship on Black Ops 4, the majority of players still see Josiah “Slacked” Berry as a potential weak link in a team which is strange considering he is one of the few players to take home a trophy on the past four Call of Duty titles. (UMG South Carolina 2016, CWL Anaheim 2017, CWL Birmingham 2018 and CWL Fort Worth 2019) With unrivalled levels of consistency and experience, Slacked is going to be invaluable in the flex role for Seattle.

Known for being one of the best players towards the latter stages of the game cycle, 2018 world champion Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov has found a place on what looks to be a top team and rightly so. His supporting SMG role complements the style of Enable, making them one of the more formidable, yet underrated, SMG partnerships that are currently known.

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Roster Wrap-Up: Championship Contenders

Despite the lack of young, breakout talent from last season, this team has all the ingredients to compete with the newer generation of Call of Duty players that have risen to the top in the past year. With numerous championship wins and a wealth of experience, Seattle have chosen some Call of Duty juggernauts that should be competing at the top of the CDL table.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95

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