Modern Warfare: Leaked Information From Early Access & Early Copies

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With Modern Warfare's launch only a few days away, leaks are emerging from players who have grabbed physical copies early according to Dexerto and through Reddit. It's no surprise that the game will have changed in a number of ways compared to the beta, from what we've seen so far it looks like a promising sign.

Here's what has reportedly been adjusted in Modern Warfare for launch.


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Azir Cave Gets Improved Lighting

According to a recent Reddit post, the lighting within the cave itself has greatly been improved. During the beta, it came under immense scrutiny for being too difficult to distinguish enemies as it was too dark.


According to the leak, there are a total of 20 unique operators.

Damage Indicator/Screen Change

It's been reported that your screen will no longer transition to a black and white state.


Change To The Mini-Map Zoom

The mini-map has now been zoomed out much further compared to where it was initially.

Photo via Reddit

Brand New Spray And Emote Wheel

A spray and emote wheel has been added, allowing players to tag parts of the map with their unlocked imagery and humiliate opponents with some unique animations.


Photo via Dexerto

Watch Killstreak Counter

A leaked image of a killstreak counter on the soldier's watch will let you know how far into you streak you are and how far from the Nuke you are.

Photo via Reddit

Hill Is A Re-Made COD4 Map

Back in COD4, Hill was a planned map that didn't quite make release. The map was based on the campaign level 'Heat' - It appears Hill has been brought back to Modern Warfare.


Rank Icons 1-55

Photo via Reddit

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91