Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019: Early Access, Tips And Tricks, Multiplayer Beta, Campaign And Spec Ops Details For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's worldwide release has massively expanded the competitive field, thanks to a new feature for the franchise and Battle Royale is the word on everyones minds as the next step. Cross play is now available for the first time in Call of Duty history, allowing PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players to battle side-by-side.

With so many more combatants to take down, you'll need every tips and tricks you can get.

Although many of us will be turning our attention to Modern Warfare 2019, there are lots of rumours circulating that Infinity Ward have since aimed their efforts at the brand-new Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode.

Modern Warfare recently revealed that it will be releasing all DLC on all platforms at the same time. However, their announcement about the 'survival mode' has come under major scrutiny, as the mode is exclusive to PS4 users for a year. This has prompted major backlash, leading to cancelled pre-orders.

To coincide with the Modern Warfare season, we were recently introduced to the next chapter of Call of Duty Esports, in the form of the Call of Duty League; where 12 global franchises will compete to claim the crown on the new game.



Here's everything we know about the Modern Warfare 2019 campaign so far:

Prequel To Infinite Warfare

Modern Warfare 2019 could be a prequel to Infinite Warfare based on clues through the Infinite Warfare universe.


In a desperate mission, Captain Price and the SAS will partner alongside the CIA and the Urzikstani Liberation Force to retrieve stolen chemical weapons. The heart-racing fight will take you from London to the Middle East and other global locations, as this joint task force battles to stop full-scale global war.



  • Ashes To Ashes: Burn 4 enemies with a single Molotov.
  • Got Something On Your Face: Spit On Barkov.
  • Press [BOOM] To Defuse: Blow up 3 Tripwires with explosives.
  • Companion Block: Only use one cinder block and bring it to the end of the mission.
  • Dodged A Bullet: Never get hit by a sniper while escaping captivity.
  • Driver’s Ed: Shoot the driver of the Suicide Truck.
  • Tea Time: Finish single player on any difficulty.
  • Nothing but Net: Neutralize the ‘Fog of War’ machine gun with a frag grenade.
  • Golden Path: Complete ‘Clean House’ without being hit using one bullet per threat.
  • Hang Time: Kill 3 Enemies while on a ladder.
  • Hot Swap: Get at least one kill with eight different weapons when completing ‘Old Comrades’.
  • Lights Out: Shut off the power to 4 buildings.
  • Love from Above: Destroy 4 trucks with 4 drone strikes before they reach the end of their path.
  • Trigger Discipline: Do not injure any civilians in ‘Piccadilly’.
  • We Own The Night: Kill all enemies at the Church, Clocktower, and Pool without anyone calling for backup.
  • You Forgot The Pickles: Kill an enemy by throwing back their own grenade.
  • Long Way Down: Crash a Helicopter by shooting the Pilot.
  • PitStop: Stop three APCs with Hadir’s sniper rifle.
  • Play Dead: Kill all the enemies in the field of dead bodies.
  • Good Effect On Target: Kill an enemy with a direct hit from a smoke grenade.
  • Circus Tour: Kill at least one enemy while inside The Reading Place, Aural Chic and both Subway undergrounds.
  • Tunnel Rat: Complete ‘The Wolf’s Den’ tunnels using only the 1911.
  • Two Birds: Kill both soldiers with one shot in ‘Hometown’.
  • Out of the Fire: Finish the single-player on veteran difficulty.
  • Wall Hax: Save Alpha 3-3 from being downed.
  • Warheads on Foreheads: Reach the lab entrance using only drone strikes.
  • Wild Fire: Takedown a flying Helicopter with a Molotov.

Returning Characters

  • Captain Price
  • General Roman Barkov - one of the main antagonists of the campaign and described as "a rogue general that has the correct intentions but gone off the rails in his effort to get what he wants.
  • General Shepherd
  • Zakhaev - only referenced, but not in the game itself, probably in a sequel
  • MacMillan
  • Victor - could be Imran Zakhaev's son
  • Sergeant Garrick - Gaz
  • John MacTavish - Soap
  • Simon Riley - Ghost
  • Alex

A few months ago we were informed Sergeant Griggs and Nikolai will return, as well as Gary “Roach” Sanderson; it is likely the remaining characters may come back in later Modern Warfare games. You can find out what happens at the end of the Modern Warfare 2019 epilogue below and how it sets up for a sequel.


Spec Ops

Here's everything we know about the Modern Warfare 2019 Spec Ops mode:


All missions will be available from launch across all major platforms

Survival Mode

The new Special Ops Survival Mode will arrive at launch, but will be exclusive to PS4 until the 1st October 2020. The survival mode will operate very similar to the feature in Modern Warfare 3, fending yourself against waves of enemy AI - similar to Call of Duty Zombies.


Here's everything we know about the Modern Warfare 2019 multiplayer mode:

  • So far there are 19 Killstreaks confirmed for Modern Warfare 2019
  • As it stands there are 37 Guns in Modern Warfare 2019 (including launchers)
  • There are 17 Perks in Modern Warfare 2019
  • We have yet to see the full list of confirmed game modes in Modern Warfare 2019, but so far we are aware there is Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, Domination, Gunfight, Cyber Attack, Headquarters, Ground War, Realism and Survival Mode.
  • The full list of Modern Warfare 2019 maps in the game were recently leaked with 8 Gunfight maps, 11 regular maps (with 4 night-time variants) and 3 Ground War maps
  • Cross play will be enabled between Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC at launch with DLC being available on all platforms at the same time.

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Early Access

Call of Duty Modern: Warfare's Release Date is set for the 25th October around the world. However, many are seeking out how to get early access by tracking down an early copy. Likewise, content creators may be wondering when the embargo lifts so they can shower their fans with new content.

Here's all the information on how you can jump on Modern Warfare as early as possible and where to get it from.

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Seasonal Officer ranks replaces Prestige for Modern Warfare 2019, with each rank unlocking Officer Challenges to help along progression as well as rewards to mark your achievements for that system. While Enlisted levels won't reset this time around, Officer rankings will reset regularly at the end of every season.

While the game launches with a number of multi-step Challenge Missions, encouraging players to try and master different game modes and weapons, new ones will continue to be added after launch.

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When Does The Modern Warfare Beta Release?

The Modern Warfare 2019 beta took place across two weekends. The PlayStation 4 exclusive beta on the 12th-16th September and the cross play beta on the 19th-23rd September.

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What Was Included In The Modern Warfare Beta?

We heard plenty of cool things that we can expect from the new game including the Modern Warfare 2019 weapons, perks, maps, game modes and killstreaks.There has still been no news surrounding Modern Warfare 2019 battle royale.

Seven Modern Warfare 2019 game modes were been included: Team Deathmatch, Domination, Headquarters, Cyber Attack, Realism, Ground War and Gunfight. Alongside this, nine Modern Warfare 2019 maps were added: Azhir Cave, Hackney Yard, Grazna Raid, Gun Runner, King, Pine, Stack and Karst River Quarry

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