CDL 2020: Toronto Ultra Team Profile For Call of Duty League 2020

The Toronto Ultra is one of the most interesting franchises heading into the inaugural CDL season. Formerly competing as Splyce, the only Canadian team unveiled their roster in one of the best team announcements we have seen from a CDL team yet. A performance by musical sensation Nav and other festivities was capped off with the revealing of their 10 man roster, the most for any CDL team. 

With the most options for a starting roster out of any of the teams, people are beginning to wonder if they have too many eggs for their basket. Nevertheless, they do bolster talent up and down the roster so let's take a look and see how the Toronto Ultra is looking ahead of the CDL.

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Methodz X Brack: The Two Superstars 

Anthony "Methodz" Zinni and Carson "Brack" Newberry are perhaps the two biggest catalysts to this Toronto Ultra team. The latter had his true showcasing this past season where he was a part of the forgotten Midnight Esports lineup and eventually found himself on LG to end the year. Regarded as one of the best AR/Flex players in the league last year, Brack will be aiming to provide this same output along with his other star AR player; Methodz.

Besides his hilarious social media posts, Methodz has experienced quite the turbulent last couple of seasons. After his segment on OpTic Gaming, he entered the Black Ops 4 season with high hopes. A few team changes saw him play out the rest of the year with UYU. He had a decent year with some impressive individual stats, but Methodz looking for more than just individual stats. Entering this Toronto Ultra lineup, Brack and himself are looking to become one of the best pairings in the world, and it is expected that they will both start with all eyes on them soon.

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MeTTalZ X Lucky: Spanish Guard

One of the biggest surprises of the Toronto Ultra 10 man roster is perhaps the addition of the two Spanish players: Adrian "MeTTalZ" Serrano and Alejandro "Lucky" López. The former Heretics players were the two standouts from their run in the CWL last year, and now find themselves moving to Canada to represent Ultra. 

Of course, the skepticism came right away, wondering if the two players can speak fluent enough English for the roster. According to players on the roster, this is not an issue, but there is an issue that could unravel from these two additions. We are well aware of how different the playstyles are of NA players compared to the two Spanish players. The latter is known for being hyper-aggressive and always pushing the mantle, and time will tell how that playstyle will fare when mixed with traditionally slower players like Methodz. 

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Loony: The Proven Leader

One of the staple faces from last year's Splyce roster will be returning to captain yet again this year. Daniel "Loony" Loza is one of the most renown names in all of the competitive Call of Duty, and has established himself as one of the most proven IGL's in all of the game while also showing his ability to lead any roster to a title. This will be his biggest challenge yet, with nine different teammates and nine different playstyles all coming under his leadership.  

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Bance X Classic: Bounceback Season

Ben "Bance" Bance and Nicholas "Classic" DiCostanzo are two of the most interesting additions to this Toronto Ultra roster. Bance was once regarded as one of the best European players in the entire world, but then suffered a turbulent year which saw him bounce between multiple teams. He is looking to have a comeback year and prove the doubters wrong. 

Classic is another name that Call of Duty fans are well aware of, and though there are mixed opinions about his role within teams, he has still managed to find himself on talented rosters. Both players have undergone confusing years during the Black Ops 4 season and are looking to right their wrongs this upcoming season under the Ultra banner.

Roster Roundup: CleanX, Cammy and Mayhem

The rest of this Toronto Ultra lineups are players who had strong endings to the Black Ops 4 season which certainly helps their stock heading into this offseason. Tobias "CleanX" Juul Jønsson was one of the standout players during the 2019 Call of Duty World Championships, where he showcased his talent as he pushed his team to a Top 12 finish. Whether or not these players will have significant roles within the team is unknown as of now, but the Toronto Ultra has perhaps the widest array of substitutes available.

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Written by Nick Farrell@NickFarrell91

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