CDL 2020: Paris Legion Team Profile For Call of Duty League 2020

The Paris Legion has been one of the least talked about CDL franchises to date, the team is owned by the same group that also owns the OWL team-Paris Eternal. Spearheaded by Australians and Americans this roster has the potential to surprise many this upcoming season. 

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Phantomz X KiSMET: Lone Rangers

Timothy "Phantomz" Landis and Matthew "KiSMET" Tinsley are the lone Americans featured on this Paris Legion roster, both are rather inexperienced in competitive Call of Duty but have proven their talent this past season. 

Phantomz was one of the rising stars from the FaZe Black lineup last year, ultimately finishing the season with Evil Geniuses he was one of their best players for the CWL World Championship. KiSMET was one of the more prominent players on a consistent Enigma 6 lineup last season, the aggressive SMG player will be looking to push the mantle yet again this season. 

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Zed X Denz: Teammates Once Again

One of the former pairings of teammates on this Paris Legion roster is the former Team Reciprocity duo of Zach "Zed" Denyer and Denholm "Denz" Taylor. The latter experienced a turbulent past season, one that saw him go back and forth between the bench on Reciprocity but ended up starting the rest of the year. A rocky start to the year was capped off with a consistent finish that boosted his stock for sure. 

Teamed up with him on the former Reciprocity lineup was Zed, the UK player did not find himself representing his home country on the London Royal Ravens but will look to make his country proud alongside his former teammate. Zed was one of the most consistent players last season for Reciprocity and will be looked at as one of the catalysts this upcoming year.

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Louqa X Shockz X Breszy: X-Factors

The remaining three players that the Legion have signed are perhaps the biggest factors heading into this season. Starting off with Luke "Louqa" Rigas, one of the three Australians on this lineup was one of the focal points of Mindfreaks dominance in the open bracket tournaments last season. Known best for his proficient usage of the sniper rifle, teamed up alongside Conrad "Shockz" Rymarek who will be joining Louqa for another year. The latter was another player many thought would eventually end up in the league but never fulfilled this and resided with the Mindfreak lineup

The final player on the Parios Legion roster is the lone Frenchman Paul "Breszy" Breszynski, who finished his Black Ops 4 season alongside KiSMET on Engima 6. Seen as one of the up and coming french players not too long ago, Breszy stands as the only French representation in the CDL.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91


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