The Best Marvel Future Revolution Iron Man Build

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If you're looking for the best Iron Man build for the Marvel Future Revolution character, you're in for a treat here. The billionaire playboy philanthropist doesn't need to go about saving the world, but he certainly makes it fun. His powerful arsenal of rockets, beams, cannons, and robots can help him slot into just about any role in the game. We'll be focusing on a particular Iron Man build for this guide, but just know that there's no end to the ways you can customize this particular character.

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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Iron Man Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeSakaarMark I
SkillsArtificial Intelligence - Weakness Scan, Extra Firepower - Incendiary Bomb, Micromissiles - EMP Shot, Tactical Satellite - Party Time Protocol, Unibeam - Focal Energy ShotN/A
SpecializationArtificial Analysis, Algorithm Improvement, Repulsor Amplification, Anti-Armor BulletN/A
PotentialArmored Avenger I (ATK), Armored Avenger II (ATK, Critical Damage), Armored Avenger III (Critical Rate), Armored Avenger IV (ATK, Critical Rate, Critical Damage)Accuracy Rate, DEF, HP
Omega CardsMidgardia #6 (six-set)Dark Zone #3 (four-set) / Midgardia #4 (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the DesertMaestro Set

What this Iron Man build does is focus on hard-hitting attacks. It's a DPS build. It plays similarly to Captain Marvel but should have stronger Guard Break potential, knocking down targets before they have a chance to get their more powerful attacks out.

As explained above, Iron Man really can sit just about anywhere in a team depending on how he's built. He can support the team with buffs and debuffs, break an enemy's guard, focus on heavy area damage, or go straight for single-target attacks. Because of that, Iron Man struggles to shine in any one area. He's a beginner character through and through, but one that takes a considerable amount of time (and probably money) to pop off in high-level play. Just keep that in mind.

For this particular build, we're going to give Vision a chance to shine. He plays a fairly large part in the story, but isn't playable. Instead, we'll power up Iron Man's J.A.R.V.I.S. class skills as a sort of tribute.

The Sakaaar Iron Man costume in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Iron Man Costumes

Best Iron Man Costume Alternative Iron Man Costume
SakaarMark I

For this particular Iron Man build, focus on getting the Mark I costume as early as possible. This is a simple enough set that increases Tony's ATK and Crit Rate stats before upgrading the Artificial Intelligence skill used to buff his ATK further in battle.


Once you have that, look into crafting the Sakaar set. It offers boosts to the same stats but will increase the Party Time Protocol attack as well as the one listed above. This will drastically increase Iron Man's attack potential.

The Best Iron Man Specializations

Specialization Effect
Atrificial AnalysisIncreases damage dealt to Super Villains by 30% for 8s when using a skill from the Weapon Cartridge skill (15s cooldown)
Algorithm ImprovementDecreases skill cooldown by 25% for 10s when using a J.A.R.V.I.S. class skill (20s cooldown)
Repulsor AmplificationIncreases skill damage by 6% for each Repulsor Energy class skill.
Anti-Armor BulletWhen attacking a target with 50% HP or less, Iron Man's Armor Penetration increases by 30%

Iron Man's Specialization tree isn't nearly as simple as some others. In fact, it's a bit of a mess. Feel free to mix this up to your own tastes, but the build we've gone for here relies on creating short windows of opportunity where Iron Man can deal increased damage. If timed well with buffs and debuffs from the rest of his skillset, Iron Man can really tear through some more difficult boss fights with his Focal Energy Shot.

Iron Man attacking in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Iron Man Skills

Skill Mastery Class
Artificial IntelligenceWeakness ScanJ.A.R.V.I.S.
Extra FirepowerIncendiary BombWeapon Cartridges
MicromissilesEMP ShotWeapon Cartridges
Tactical SatelliteParty Time ProtocolJ.A.R.V.I.S.
UnibeamFocal Energy ShotRepulsor Energy

For Iron Man, a healthy mix of J.A.R.V.I.S. and Weapon Cartridge skills works a treat to prep his incredibly powerful Repulsor Energy skill Focal Energy Shot. Like Captain Marvel, this fires out a channelled beam that grows more powerful the longer it can focus on a target.


To that end, you want to use skills like Weakness Scan and Incendiary Bomb to increase the amount of damage you'll put out against your target. The third skill on the table there can remove some beneficial effects targets can sometimes use to their advantage. Lastly, Tony's tiny robot buddies can be called in to deal some extra damage.

The aim is to knock a target down or root them some other way before using Focal Energy Shot. You don't want them getting out of the way before it can really ramp up.

The Best Iron Man Potential

Potential Category Primary Stat Priority Secondary Stat Priority
Warbird IIATK, Defense PierceStamina Recovery
Warbird IIIDefense PierceGuard Damage Decrease, DEF
Warbird IVATK, Defense PierceStamina Recovery

Iron Man has a fairly easy Potential window to deal with. Beyond the usual ATK stat, the first few tabs offer little you'll want to prioritize. Unless you're running a lot of PvP and want Accuracy to keep up with characters like Spider-Man, anyway.

Keep hold of those resources and invest in stats like Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage later on. Each tab has ATK right at the start, so that's a no-brainer. Fill in the rest once you've maxed out the high-priority stats.

The best Omega Card sets for Captain America in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Iron Man Omega Cards

Best Omega Cards Alternative Omega Cards
Midgardia #6 (six-piece)Dark Zone #3 (four-piece) / Midgardia #4 (two-piece)

So long as you're not hoping to be a PvP king with this setup, the four-piece Dark Zone #3 and two-piece Midgardia #4 sets will work well. The Total Damage buff from the first should scale well into late-game activities, leaving Midgardia to offer up some tasty Critical Damage boosts. This should be a relatively easy free-to-play set to obtain.

For the whales out there, a full Midgardia #6 set will work wonders. The final set bonus gives DEF, which isn't something Iron Man usually goes for, but if you really don't want the added survivability, you can fill in with the two-set Dark Zone #4 for an ATK boost. You'll just swap out some other offensive stats for a few unimportant ones like Ultimate Skill Recovery in the process.

The Best Iron Man Battle Badges

Best Badge Set Alternative Badge Set
Lord of the Desert (Maestro - Dark Zone)Maestro (Blitz)

Iron Man works like any other damage-dealer in the game right now. Once you reach the level cap and start your journey to the true end-game gear sets, you'll want to kick things off with the Maestro set from the final Super Villain's Blitz activity. That will give you the added villain damage you need to take him on again in the Dark Zone for the Lord of the Desert set, swapping Villain Damage for straight ATK.

The Rise of the East costume is one of the best for a Marvel Future Revolution Iron Man PVP build.

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Iron Man PVP Build

Build Omega War Duel
StatsATK, Crit Damage, Crit RateATK, Crit Damage, Crit Rate
CostumeMark 1Mark 1
Regional CostumeMidgardiaMidgardia
Gacha CostumeRise of the EastRise of the East
Omega CardsDark Zone #4 (six-set)Dark Zone #4 (six-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the DesertLord of the Desert
SpecializationsArc Reactor - Weakness Analysis, Armor Enhancement - Multi-Memory, A.I. - Overclock, A.I. - Algorithm Improvement Arc Reactor - Weakness Analysis, Armor Enhancement - Multi-Memory, A.I. - Overclock, A.I. - Algorithm Improvement
SkillsMicromissiles - Napalm Bomb, Tactical Satellite - Party Time Protocol, Extra Firepower - Guided Missile, Nanite Plasma - Spin Blade, Artificial Intelligence - Operation Speed AmplificationMicromissiles - Napalm Bomb, Tactical Satellite - Party Time Protocol, Extra Firepower - Guided Missile, Nanite Plasma - Spin Blade, Artificial Intelligence - Operation Speed Amplification

If you're looking to whip up a Marvel Future Revolution Iron Man PVP build, referring to the template up above should help.

You'll want to tweak this slightly to match what you have on hand already given how hard it can be to source new equipment, but the idea should largely remain the same. Iron Man wants to hit hard and consistently. He's a sustained DPS as opposed to a burst one that falls flat if a single attack misses its mark.

That's where Artificial Intelligence - Operation Speed Amplification comes in. It's a great support skill that gets Iron Man's ultimate up faster and reduced the cooldown of his other skills. It's like a time warp.

And that's the curtain call for this Marvel Future Revolution Iron Man build guide. Iron Man shines at the start of the game but struggles to keep up later on. So long as you're willing to put in the time (and maybe money) after levelling him up, though, you'll notice him rise above when you apply the finishing touches.

For more of where that came from, check out our guides to the best Captain America build, Doctor Strange build, and Black Widow build. Hopefully you'll find them handy!