The Best Marvel Future Revolution Captain America Build

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Looking to buff everyone's favourite super soldier with the best Marvel Future Revolution Captain America build? We could talk about that all day. The big, new open-world Marvel game on mobile demands a spreadsheet to perfect. Instead, we're going to make things simple.

If you're hoping to have your Captain America stand out against the rest, just follow along with the build guide below as you level up and reach the top. Just know that you'll need to put in some serious work.


Looking for more on Marvel Future Revolution? Use the newest Marvel Future Revolution codes to speed up the grind somewhat. And if you're struggling to decide who to add to your squad next, check out our Marvel Future Revolution tier list as well. Lastly, if you want to quickly check out every skin, we have those rounded up in our comprehensive Marvel Future Revolution costumes hub. It will help you to compare stats between suits.

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Captain America Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeMidgardiaWorld War II / Secret Wars
SkillsCaptain's Leadership - Captain's Patience, Spearhead - Lead the Charge, Reporting for Duty - Shield Slice, Hero's Duty - Mighty Combo, Sentinel of Liberty - IndomitabilityN/A
SpecializationRegroup, Passion, Vanguard, Battle PreperationSharp Shield / Spot Weakness
PotentialThe First Avenger I (ATK, DEF, HP), The First Avenger II (HP), The First Avenger III (DEF, Debuff Resistance), The First Avenger IV (DEF)Guard Damage Decrease, HP Recovery,
Omega CardsSakaar #4 (six-set)Hydra Empire #2 (four-set) / New Stark City (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the DesertMaestro Set

Steve Rogers puts the iconic shield to good use. The best Marvel Future Revolution Captain America build utilizes his high defensive stats to not only create helpful barriers for the team and take massive amounts of damage, but to also use them to boost his offensive stats as well.

By opting for a Captain America DPS build that relies on short cooldowns, the WWII veteran can rapidly charge his Vibranium gauge, unleashing his more powerful attack more often. Paired with a bunch of helpful Specialization nodes, he'll heal from damage dealt and potentially charge this even faster.

Refer to the table above for a quick build reference. Then, if you need an explainer, read on to find out exactly what makes this one tick.

The Midgardia Captain America costume in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Captain America Costumes

Best Captain America Costume Alternative Captain America Costume
MidgardiaWorld War II / Secret Wars

It might sound odd to anyone unfamiliar with Marvel games, but the costumes you wear can make a big difference in battle. They award fixed stats, and the more of one particular costume you equip, the more set bonuses you get on top, increasing things further.

The best outfit to pair with this Marvel Future Revolution Captain America build right now has to be the Midgardia regional set. It buffs the DEF and HP stats he loves and ends with an extra six points in the Vibranium Release skill his other attacks lead into.

Before you craft that, though, you'll either want to go for the Secret Wars or World War II set, depending on whether you want to lean into the tank or brawler side of the build, respectively. One will buff your Vibranium Release skill early, whereas the other will help buff the team shield he can place down.

The Best Captain America Specializations

Picking the up best Captain America specialization nodes will help cement your chosen build. This build. You'll only begin to earn the materials needed via the Raid feature at level 70, but you can unlock the menu itself earlier and gain some early boosts after clearing one of the major boss battles in Midgardia.


While it can sometimes be difficult to choose just four Specialization nodes for a character, this particular Captain America build makes at least two of them an absolute must-have. Passion and Vanguard are the ones you'll want for certain. One converts 3% of your damage dealt into HP, whereas the other converts 20% of your DEF stat into ATK. It allows Captain America to focus on being a sturdy tank without sacrificing his damage.

After that, there are a few options, but we're going with Battle Preparation for the 20% DEF boost (which will convert into more ATK). This only triggers when using a med-kit or other restorative item and can only be active for half of its 14-second cooldown, but it's a good burst of damage for what is essentially a heal.

Lastly, Regroup from the Tactics tree works well to build Cap's Vibration Gauge even faster as he attacks. You can try swapping this for Sharp Shield for a bigger hit to the opponent's Guard when using that powerful Vibranium Release skill, but it's certainly more situational than Regroup.

There's room to swap this final skill out for Spot Weakness as well. This deals more damage to Bleeding targets, which will happen when using Shield Slice, but it's entirely dependant on whether you want to pay attention to strict timings or have little manual input in battle.

The Best Captain America Skills

In Marvel Future Revolution, each character can unlock eight different skills across multiple classifications. Each of these skills has four total 'Mastery' variants, creating 32 different abilities you have to cram into just five slots. Which you choose to pair with your equipment will drastically alter their usefulness in battle.


The idea behind setting Captain America's best skills is pretty easy to understand. It revolves around the idea of using abilities with low cooldown times to quickly max out his gauge, allowing his final Vibranium Release attack to deal considerable damage.

This is all augmented further by a Specialization trait that increases damage dealt to bleeding enemies. One of these skills will trigger said bleed, allowing for a constant DPS uplift.

Some other skills in this Captain America build ensure he stays within the Support/Tank role by offering up a massive shield for his allies to sit in.

The Best Captain America Potential

'Potential' is a simple stat boost you can give your character early on. Four sets of three stat boosts unlock at level 20, 40, 60, and 80. With each able to level up to 20 and no need to choose one over the other, you're only limited by the number of resources you gain to upgrade them.

Captain America is one of the only characters in Marvel Future Revolution that actually wants every stat from the first Potential tab. They all work to increase his damage, survivability, and team shields.


After that, things drop off quite a bit. Each tab will boost his HP and DEF, but the rest of the stat increase options are hardly essential. Debuff Resistance is probably the best. Guard doesn't mean much if you're dodging properly, and HP Recovery is only generally outside of battle and doesn't add up to much at all.

The Best Captain America Omega Cards

Omega Card sets can be both tricky and incredibly easy to obtain. They don't add a massive amount of power to your character, but it's a case of any bonus being something to strive for.

Captain America uses some pretty obvious Omega Cards that build him somewhere between a brawler and a tank. He'll quickly pull ahead of glass cannons that fall in battle, but the idea is to create a hero that can increase their uptime or save a run with safe revives.

In terms of the actual Omega Cards you'll want to run, free-to-play players should look to mix the Hydra Empire #2 and New Stark City #2 sets for a good mix of attack and defense. There's a little bit of cooldown reduction in there to help charge his gauge. Likewise, the Sakaar #4 set from the shop works the same way but swaps Cooldown Reduction for Guard Damage.


The Best Captain America Battle Badges

Battle Badges catapult a hero's 'Power' rating whenever you unlock a new Blitz, with Cores only enhancing them further.

Captain America uses a slightly different Battle Badge set than most other heroes in the game. This is purely because of his more defense-oriented build. It starts with the usual Maestro set from the final Blitz just for that handy Super Villain damage increase. After that, aim for the Universal Domination set from M.O.D.O.K. in the Dark Zone for a big Defence boost.

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Captain America PVP Build

Looking to up your PVP game? Using a condensed version of the previous layout, we've rounded up the best Captain America PVP build as well. It's technically split across both Duel and Omega War, but the only major difference is a single skill swap.


And that's about it for this Marvel Future Revolution Captain America guide. It'll take some time to maximize Steve's usefulness in battle, but put in the effort (and potentially money) and you'll soon see the results. You'll still want to dodge attacks to avoid a guard break, but his high defensive stats makes him a forgiving hero for the beginner prone to making mistakes. By the end of the game, his shields will save lives.

If you're looking to try out some of the game's other heroes, we've also put together guides to the best Captain Marvel build, Doctor Strange build, Spider-Man build, and Black Widow build. We hope you find them helpful!