Lost Ark Tragedy Written in Stone Quest Walkthrough

Players fight with an icy boss in Lost Ark.

As you step into Arkasia and attempt to get the most out of Lost Ark, you'll find yourself picking up an abundance of quests. One of many, that some players have had questions about, is the 'Tragedy Written in Stone' quest.

Quests come thick and fast in Lost Ark, and not all of them will appeal as you fight World Bosses, gather gold, and grind for mounts. 'Tragedy Written in Stone' is a Normal Roster quest that has little guidance, and honestly, is a difficult quest to even find and begin.

That's where we've stepped in to help. In this guide, we explain how to find, start, and complete the 'Tragedy Written in Stone' quest in Lost Ark.

How to Start Tragedy Written in Stone Quest in Lost Ark

To start the 'Tragedy Written in Stone' quest in Lost Ark, you'll need to fight with some Gravekeeper Ghosts on the Rethramis Border. As you fight with them, one of them will eventually drop a Moss-Covered Log that will trigger the beginning of the quest.

This, however, could take a while. Gravekeeper Ghosts are not guaranteed to immediately drop the Moss-Covered Log. So, you may find yourself having to fight with a few mobs around the area before one of them, finally, drops the Log as loot.

As you acquire the Log, you'll also then have access to the Mossy Journal. Read the Journal, and the 'Tragedy Written in Stone' quest will begin. The quest itself is described as "That mysterious note in the mossy journal seems to be related to the ghost haunting the graveyard. Perhaps there's someone who could help me learn more."

This is where a visit to Gravekeeper Kendal comes in, and your quest commences. Below, we explain how to go about completing the quest.

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How to Complete Tragedy Written in Stone Quest in Lost Ark

Gravekeeper Kendal can be found at the entrance of the Graveyard, as you might've expected. The 'Tragedy Written in Stone' quest in Lost Ark will require you to speak with him first.

Following your conversation, Gravekeeper Kendal will ask you to read the defaced epitaph on a coffin in the Graveyard, just north of the entrance. The coffin itself will be beside some crypts. Then, after reading the epitaph, more Gravekeeper Ghosts will spawn, and it's your job to take them out. Luckily, you will have likely taken on a lot of these ghouls in order to begin this quest. So, taking a handful more of them out shouldn't prove too tricky.

However, after taking the Gravekeeper Ghosts out, your next job is to put the Tormented Woman to rest. She is yet another enemy you'll need to fight with, but nothing to be feared... too much.

Once the Tormented Woman has been dealt with, all you need to do is report back to Gravekeeper Kendal at the Graveyard entrance again. Your rewards for completing this quest will be a Secret Map, 17k XP, 1560 Roster XP, and 2600 Silver.

That's all you need to know about finding, starting, and completing the 'Tragedy Written in Stone' quest in Lost Ark. For more on the MMOARPG, consider making some alt characters with inspiration from our tier list of classes, and the use of a Powerpass or Knowledge Transfer. Additionally, don't forget to check out all the Lost Ark codes and Twitch Drops, so you don't miss out on any freebies.

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