Small Pokemon - The tiniest Pokemon you'll find

Joltik, the Electric Spider Pokemon, is the smallest Pokemon.
Credit: Pokemon Wiki

Joltik, the Electric Spider Pokemon, is the smallest Pokemon.
Credit: Pokemon Wiki

When it comes to the world of Pokemon, you usually think of the biggest and most impressive ones, like Charizard or Rayquaza. Most people seem to forget about small Pokemon though, the ones who spend their lives in the flowers or hiding in people's homes. They will often spend their time only looking for food or safety, and leave most of the fighting to the more powerful Pokemon.

That’s not to say that these small Pokemon are worth ignoring though. Only a few of them are final evolutions, meaning that some of them aren’t at their full power yet. Some great examples of these are Applin and Cosmoem! While they’re very tiny now, that will not stop them from evolving into some incredibly powerful Pokemon later. This list will take you through the smallest Pokemon that have been discovered so far. There are even some new additions from Paldea here and some Pokemon that have been fan favourites since Johto.

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Small Pokemon - The tiniest Pokemon

Below, we'll go over the smallest Pokemon in the 1000 plus that exist now, ending with the smallest of them all.

Applin: 8 inches

Applin, the Apple Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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Applin is a Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon that was first introduced in Sword and Shield. It resembles a small red apple, the flavour of which will determine which form Applin will evolve into. If it is sour, then it will turn into Flapple. But if it’s sweet, it will turn into the loveable Apple Pie Pokemon, Appletun.

Applin is the smallest and lightest Dragon-type Pokemon that has been discovered so far. Because of this cute fact, there is a tradition in Galar to give an Applin as a romantic gesture! It’s unclear whether the apple should even be included in the eight-inch sizing, or whether the worm itself should place much higher on the list. Either way, it’s one of the smallest Pokemon you can encounter, and is very much loved for it.

Mimikyu: 8 inches

Mimikyu, the disguise Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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Fans may be surprised to learn that Mimikyu’s real height is only eight inches, especially as every representation of it has it closer in size to Pikachu. This is because this height only counts the actual size of the Pokemon itself, and does not factor in the disguise that it wears to hide its true form. This Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon was introduced in the Alolan region of Sun and Moon.

This eldritch abomination quickly gained popularity among fans once it was released, and was even voted the third-most-popular Pokemon overall in an official poll in 2020. It does make it all the more terrifying to know that the power to drive anyone insane who looks at it, is commanded by something only eight inches tall.

Natu: 8 inches

Natu, the Tiny Bird Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon
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Known as the Tiny Bird Pokemon, it should come as no surprise that this dual-type Psychic/Flying Pokemon, Natu, is the smallest bird on the list. It’s also one of the oldest, being introduced all the way back in the Generation 2 games.

Although it’s often overlooked by players, both Physic type users and bird fans alike, this Pokemon is by no means weak. Natu will evolve into Xatu from level 35, who is a great choice for mid-game team comps.

Diglett: 8 inches

Diglett, the Digging Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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While we may never know just how far Diglett spans underground, nor what form the rest of their bodies take; we do know one thing. We know that the part of the body that does stick out from the ground is a mere eight inches. This doesn’t leave an awful lot of room for the Pokemon, so it is lucky that its face can be shown fully in this area.

Gimmighoul: 4 inches

Gimmighoul, the Coin Collecting Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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Gimmighoul is one of the most recent discoveries in the Pokemon World. It has two forms; a Chest Form that is one foot tall, but more importantly its Roaming Form is only four inches high.

When Gimmighoul is in its Roaming Form, it will travel around Paldea trying to find coins. Once it’s found enough, then it can evolve into its Chest Form. Although the Roaming Form is currently unavailable to players, it is due to be added to Pokemon Go at some point in the future.

Sinistea: 4 inches

Sinistea, the Teacup Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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Sinistea is the nightmare Pokemon for trainers who either shiny hunt, or made the mistake of looking up the False Sinistea Teacups. This little Pokemon is only four inches tall and haunts a teacup that it’s made its home.

Unfortunately, due to the supply-and-demand issues seen with Galar tea sets, there is only a 1% chance that the Sinistea you encounter will be an Authentic one. These will come with a small stamp of approval. The other 99% of wild Sinistea encounters, and all of them hatched from an egg, will be a Phony form.

Cosmoem: 4 inches

Cosmoem, the Cosmic Egg Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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Cosmoem is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokemon that was introduced in the Alolan region. This Legendary is quite unique, as it is a Pokemon that will evolve into one of the box art Pokemon depending on which game is played.

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This makes a change from the Legendaries having no previous evolutions. Despite being only four inches tall, Cosmoem weighs in at a massive 999.9kg, making it officially the densest Pokemon to exist.

However, despite being a Legendary Pokemon, this second evolution form has very little use in combat until it evolves. That is because it only has three moves to choose from.

Comfey: 4 inches

Comfey, the Flower Ring Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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Comfey is a very cute Pokemon made out of a circle of flowers. It appears to be a living lei, the accessory that is widely associated with Hawaiian culture. It isn’t very powerful and has no pre-evolutions, nor any evolutions. With Comfey sitting at four inches tall, this makes it the smallest Pokemon with no further evolutions.

Cutiefly: 4 inches

Cutiefly, the Bee Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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Cutiefly is a small fly Pokemon that somewhat resembles a bee. It has a small yellow body, but no stinger. It is the only Pokemon with an Egg group combination of Bug and Fairy, which makes it somewhat unique.

Cutiefly can also detect the auras of all living things, and it sees the emotion of joy as a fully blooming flower. This tiny insect Pokemon is only four inches tall, so you have to be very careful not to accidently squish it.

Flabebe: 4 inches

Flabebe, the Flower Fairy Pokemon, is one of the smallest Pokemon.
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Although you may think that the flower is part of the Pokemon, if you look a little closer, you’ll see the tiny white and green body of Flabebe perched up by the stamen. Because of this, a Flabebe can be caught with a variety of different flower colours. This is also the first original Fairy-type Pokemon in the National Pokedex. Not only is it one of the smallest Pokemon in existence, but it’s also one of the lightest, weighing only 100g.

Joltik: 4 inches

Joltik, the Electric Spider Pokemon, is the smallest Pokemon.
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Joltik is currently the smallest Pokemon that’s been discovered so far. As it’s only the size of a large house spider, it relies on sneaking into people's houses and feeding off the electricity from the plug sockets.

It will also attach itself to large Pokemon to use the friction of the fur while they move. This is because it’s such a small Pokemon, it cannot generate its own electricity. If it goes too long without this kind of energy, it will slow down and eventually be unable to move.

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