Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mimikyu location - Where to find Mimikyu

Just a little guy doing his best in Scarlet and Violet

Just a little guy doing his best in Scarlet and Violet

Want to make a robust Ghost-Type team, or just want to catch a spooky friend? Here is where to find Mimikyu in Scarlet and Violet. Introduced in Generation 8, it's already an iconic Pokemon - likely down to its spooky Pokedex entries and unique disguise.

The dual Ghost and Fairy-Type was introduced in Alola, and is a very odd Pokemon. It attempts to disguise itself as a Pikachu, with its overall look likely based on Teru teru bōzu - a type of Japanese rain craft doll. If anyone were to see what lurks underneath, they're said to meet a terrible fate.

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Where to find Mimikyu in Scarlet and Violet

Mimikyu makes its home in forests, and as such, is easily found in the Tagtree Thicket, located north-west of Levincia. Despite Mimikyu preferring dark places, it appears at any time of day or night.

Mimikyu locations in Scarlet and Violet
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The thicket is home to many Mimikyu, and it isn't a particularly rare catch. You'll see them on the ground surrounded by Grafaiai, Shroodle, and Komala. The ruins near Levincia can also spawn Mimikyu from time to time.

Remember: when battling Mimikyu that the first time, your hits won't deal any damage, instead only working to break its disguise. Save those physical moves for the later turns, and toss a ball when its health is finally in the red.

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