How to evolve Cosmoem in Pokemon GO

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Cosmoem relaxing on a beach

More of the Alolan 'Dex is now available in Pokemon GO - Ultra Sun and Moon's legendaries are here for us to evolve, so here's how to evolve Cosmoem in Pokemon GO!

As part of the Season of Light, ending December 1, players can take part in special themed research to get never before seen Pokémon and other goodies. For instance, this time, there are Cosmog hats and shirts to adorn your trainers with, and Solgaleo and Lunala accessories!

If you're stuck in Pokémon GO, we suggest checking out our Great League tier list, and this month's Ditto disguises to track down the mysterious 'Mon. There's also the odd new item, a Gold Coin, from the Paldea region to find!

How to get a Cosmoem in Pokemon GO

Getting a legendary, or a Cosmoem, requires you to first get a Cosmog. This is the first stage evolution of the legendary.

For now, the space-themed 'Mon is only available through a research quest 'A Cosmic Companion'. As you work through this quest, you'll get Cosmog and plenty of Candy to evolve it into Cosmoem and beyond.

Cosmog candy can also be made from Rare Candies, too. By using Rare Candy and walking Cosmog or Cosmoem, you'll eventually get enough candy to evolve it into either Lunala or Solgaleo.

Completing raids is a relatively good way to obtain Rare Candy to spend on Cosmog Candy, so consider making use of Raid Hours in a densely populated area to make light work of the task.

Cosmog themed drip available in Pokémon Go
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How to evolve Cosmoem into Lunala or Solgaleo in Pokemon GO

Evolving the two legendaries is quite easy once you have a Cosmoem and a stack of candy.

To evolve Solgaleo, you'll need to use 100 Cosmog Candy during the day. For Lunala, as expected, you'll just need to use that candy during nighttime hours instead. Your current timezone is the time in Pokemon GO, too, so keep an eye on it.

Choose wisely, though. You can currently only have one Cosmog/Cosmoem, meaning you can only have Lunala or Solgaleo - not both. They are not in the wild, and the research event can only give one per player.

To make sure you get what you want, when it comes to evolving Cosmoem, the button will have a little greyed-out picture of which it will turn into. Pay attention.

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