Should I give my sandwich to Miraidon or Koraidon?

Two absolute legends looking at the sandwich between them
Credit: Gfinity

Two absolute legends looking at the sandwich between them
Credit: Gfinity

Sandwiches surprised players when they were revealed to be one of the core mechanics in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. They are used for a number of things, from increasing the attack power of a Pokemon, to unlocking secret moves and abilities! These will all depend on what kind of sandwich you make, the ingredients used and even sometimes, who made it.

In fact, the sandwich system can help a few aspects of gameplay that are otherwise at relatively low odds. Hardcore fans will be pleased to know that they can increase the probability of finding Pokemon Eggs, speed-up breeding and even boost the rates of finding shiny Pokemon!

However, each time you defeat the Titan Pokemon, they will drop the ingredients needed to make a Herba Mystica sandwich. These sandwiches are very special because they will grant Miraidon and Koraidon new abilities that can be used to travel in the overworld. Speaking of which, these legendary Pokemon will often ask for a bite of your sandwich while you’re travelling around. So should you give your sandwich to Miraidon or Koraidon, and what are the consequences for refusing them?

'Maybe you want to give your sandwich to Miraidon after all?'
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How could you say no to that face?

Should I give my sandwich to Miraidon or Koraidon?

When you first meet the legendary Pokemon in the games, they are collapsed on the ground and in need of attention. You can offer them a sandwich to give them back your strength, which you should absolutely do because it will encourage them to join your adventure.

There will be a few more times in the game when they beg for one of your sandwiches. Whether it’s the crocodile-like mannerisms of Koraidon or the puppy eyes of Miraidon or the, they can be difficult to say no to. So what happens if you say no to them?

Well, actually, the game will simply ask you again. Game Freak wants you to reconsider not sharing your sandwich with your dear Pokemon. They recognise that it would simply make them too sad to continue on, and they understand that we don’t want that to happen.

If you avoid this and share your food with them, then it makes them very happy! They won’t even take it personally that you initially refused to, however many times. Somebody will still be upset though, and that is Arven. He doesn’t want to share his sandwich, and your benevolence will make him feel very guilty. That is ultimately his problem, though; it shouldn’t stop you from sharing your sandwiches with your Pokemon in the future!

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