Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Path of Legends quest detailed

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Arven and a trainer against Klawf Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet
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November 17, 2022: For more on the mysterious plant you'll find in this quest line, check out how to get Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It's an essential part of learning how to farm shiny Pokemon in the new games.

Game Freak keeps drip feeding us Pokemon Scarlet and Violet information, and another trailer showed off another aspect of the gen 9 games. We finally have names and details about the mysterious different adventures that we can undertake across Paldea. Let's take a look at the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Path of Legends questline, who Arven is, and what Herba Mystica are.


It's not long now to wait until our trainers will be set on a quest to search for Herba Mystica on the Path of Legends, and beat Titan Pokemon in the process. This is one of three Treasure Hunt stories to tackle in the Paldea region, along with completing the gyms, and beating the rebel gang Team Star in Starfall Street.

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What is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Path of Legends?

One of the three stories to explore in the Paldea region is the 'Path of Legends'. These different ways to play are part of independent study, the Treasure Hunt, while you're enrolled in the region's two academies - Naranja and Uva respectively for Scarlet and Violet.

Klawf Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

The Path of Legends leg of the Treasure Hunt sees our trainers be recruited by an older student in our school, Arven, to help him with his research into some rare types of ingredients- Herba Mystica - found in the wild. These items are allegedly items that can provide hefty healing to team members. This checks out, as Arven specialises in cooking, with a penchant for health-related items for Pokemon.

The catch is that these herbs are found near Titan Pokemon, which are larger and have more health than usual 'Mon. They look to be reminiscent of Totem Pokemon from Ultra Sun and Moon, or the Noble's from Legends: Arceus. So far, we've only seen a new crab-like Pokemon Klawf as a Titan, but Nintendo has assured us that this spectacle isn't a one-off situation.

Your job is to help Arven deal with these larger-than-life creatures, as he isn't great at the whole battling thing, unfortunately. You'll get some rewards from him including food and healing items to assist your team - which you will need, as these Titans look menacing. Don't let Klawf's rosy cheeks fool you!

Klawf Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

What are Herba Mystica?

While we don't exactly know what these Herba Mystica are, the name simply translates to mystic herb in Latin, so we think it will be some sort of evolutionary item, potentially a part of EV training, a way to help Pokémon Terastallize in battle, or maybe even boost top their healing abilities.

These herbs are only found in the Paldea region, so we don't have a lot to go off. There's even the chance it's just a rare ingrediant the guy wants to cook up a pleasing meal with no real benefits. Who knows.

Watch the new trailer here to see all three paths, and even more characters that are waiting to be met in the new generation:


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