Pokémon Scarlet and Violet professors - Who are they?

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pokemon scarlet and violet, professors
September 7, 2022: A brand-new trailer has dropped, but the Scarlet and Violet professors were absent.

Generation Nine of the iconic Pokémon series is releasing this November, and a recent trailer gave us a lot more information about the games. We were introduced to the Scarlet and Violet Professors - yes, two of them - and given a first look at them.

For the first time, Pokémon has created a Professor for each version of the Gen 9 games. This bodes well for some other changes to the formula, building on the additions of Legends: Arceus. We already know that Scarlet and Violet are going to be open-world, but we're open to more updates to the stagnant Pokémon path that the games have taken.

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Who Is Professor Sada?

Pokemon Scarlet's professor, Sada.
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Pokémon Scarlet features Professor Sada - a female character wearing clothing reminiscent of a prehistoric age with teeth, fur, and ragged edges. Her name is likely derived from the word 'pasada', the feminine word for past in Spanish. She works at the Naranja Academy in Paldea.

Who Is Professor Turo?

Pokemon Violet's professor, Turo.
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Turo is the Professor found in Pokémon Violet. He wears a more futuristic outfit, and has finely coiffed hair. Like Sada, Turo's name is likely derived from the male word for future: 'futuro'. He can be found at the Uva Academy, available in Paldea if you get Violet.

What we know about Scarlet and Violet's professors

As of yet, we have only been given a small look at the professors, and what they are about, but what we do know is that Game Freak are taking a different approach, given that there are two professors for the first time. Hopefully this means they will be more developed, with in-depth storylines.


The latest trailer introduced us to Professors Sada and Turo, from Scarlet and Violet respectively. We also know that they are both carrying out research into the lore of the Paldea region. Whether they are focused on the same thing or not, we don't know yet.

August's Pokémon Presents showed us Sada and Turo again, this time naming them as people who 'research legends passed on in the Paldea region'. The Academies they work at have been named, too: Naranja and Uva, which translate to 'orange' and 'grape', matching their symbols.

There is some speculation as to why there are two, the biggest rumour being that the professor from the opposite game will become a villain. Since Sun and Moon, there has been a theme of a seemingly well-meaning individual turning out to be a villain; we saw it with Lusamine, and then Chairman Rose in Sword and Shield. This will likely be reflected in the new games, too.

The new games seem to be going for a theme of past and future, which shines through in the design and names of the two professors, and the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet legendaries: Koraidon and Miraidon.

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