How to beat Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise in Pokemon Scarlet

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Koraidon Guardian of Paradise in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Spoiler warning: knowing how to beat Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise will get you over the final hurdle before the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet credits roll. It's a boss battle that comes right after another, taking cues from other RPGs like Nier and Bravely Default to spice up its turn-based combat for the purpose of a final spectacle.

To cross the vast Paldea region, Scarlet players can use Koraidon to get around - but not to fight. Unlocking its latent ability to brawl is tied to this final act of courage, and this guide will tell you how to manage it.


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How to beat Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise

At first, the battle with Professor Sada will be played as a regular Pokémon battle. However, once you beat her Pokémon, she will send out Koraidon and lock your Pokeballs. And then, the final battle with Koraidon Guardian of Paradise starts.

How to get off the party screen during the Koraidon boss battle


While fighting Koraidon Guardian of Paradise, you won't be able to use your regular Pokemon. And because Koraidon hasn't fought anything up until this point, you'll likely wonder how to get off the party screen when you're prompted to send something out.

It's actually a little puzzle. Koraidon is ready to face its fears and challenge the Guardian of Paradise to a rematch.

Simply scroll down your list of party Pokemon until you get get to your trusty Koraidon. Press A and you'll notice a new prompt that will send the Pokemon out onto the field, finally transforming it into its battle form and priming it to take on its rival.

Angry Koraidon Guardian of Paradise in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise strategy - How to beat the boss Pokemon

At the beginning of the fight, Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise, has its ability Orichalcum Pulse kick in, forcing the Harsh Sunlight effect of Sunny Day and boosting its Attack stat. The weather naturally increases the power of Fire-type moves, like Flamethrower, used by either side.

So, how do you beat Koraidon Guardian of Paradise in a mirror match-up? Don't overthink it. You may have the grand idea of using Flamethrower to burn the opposing Koraidon to deal chip damage and dramatically reduce its Attack, but it's not worth the risk. You'll quickly get overpowered if you rely on it.

Instead, just use Collision Course. It'll barely dent the Guardian of Paradise's HP, but it'll work out in the long term. Promise. The idea is to simply charge your Tera Orb, after all. While you spam Collision Course, the enemy Koraidon will use these moves in no particular order:

  • Bulk Up - Increases Attack and Defense.
  • Taunt - Blocks your non-attacking moves.
  • Flamethrower - Deals damage.
  • Giga Impact - Deals massive damage, leaving you with one HP. Koraidon needs to recharge after this move.

That last one may sound scary, but it's all part of the plan. The fight is largely scripted. If you don't want to believe the game will let your Koraidon endure hit after hit until you do the right thing, pop a Max Potion or Full Restore to ease your worries.

Between the death-defying blows, use Collision Course until you're prompted by your friends to Terastallize Koraidon. The various stat boosts you'll naturally accumulate through their cheering and Koraidon's own resolve will make it so your boosted Tera Blast will beat Koraidon Guardian of Paradise with ease.

That's all you need to know about how to beat Koraidon Guardian of Paradise. At first glance, this battle may seem difficult, but once you put your faith in the Pokemon that's helped you get around Paldea this whole time, you'll make it through.

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