Pokemon Scarlet and Violet series one tier list - Best Pokemon ranked (March 2024)

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March 29, 2024: Updated our tier list for Series 1 Season 2!

So you've gone through your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet playthrough, and you're in the post game, but you're a bit tired of wandering around the world or doing raids. What's left? Well luckily, the series one ranked season is available, but what Pokemon are the best to use? Well, our Pokemon tier list for series one ranked will be able to help.

The series one rule set banned all paradox Pokemon, all legendaries, as well as any Pokemon not in the Paldea Pokedex. This has caused a shift in which Pokemon that were expected to be all stars are no longer legal to use. The meta has been developing for a week or so now, but some strategies have risen to the top, and so we'll cover those in the tier list.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet series one Pokemon tier list

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet series one Pokemon tier list


Tatsugiri + Dondozo











Looking at this tier list we have a few different tiers and a handful of Pokemon on this list. Now, you'll notice that this list doesn't include every single Pokemon available in the game. This is because there are Pokemon that are just not competitively viable. What we've included in this list are Pokemon that are commonplace in the metagame. These Pokemon have been in Tournament teams, or teams that are showing signs of success on the ladder. While we won't go in depth on every Pokemon, we'll call out some notable ones.

S tier

Every S tier Pokemon is definitely worth talking about. To start off, Gholdengo is an incredible Pokemon. Its signature move, Make it Rain, is a spread steel type move, that lowers the user's special attack by one stage. Even through the stat drops, the move is insanely strong, especially when coupled with something like Life Orb.

Annihilape is another Pokemon that is shining in this meta. Because of it's high speed and access to Final Gambit with Choice Scarf, it can allow you to take out a problematic target, or allow your other Pokemon to set up Trick Room or Tailwind, two of the more popular strategies this series. We've also seen a set that takes advantage of Rage Fist paired with a Maushold that has Beat Up. Speaking of Maushold, it's a Pokemon that is rather interesting. It's very unassuming but it has access to great support moves such as Follow Me and Encore, and it's signature move, Population Bomb, can sweep entire teams with ease. Expect to see this with Technician, Wide Lens and a Normal Tera type.

Tatsugiri and Dondozo prove to be a strong pairing in the metagame. Taking advantage of Tatsugiri's Commander ability to buff up Dondozo in multiple stats as a sweeper is very common and should be respected.

Meowscarda moves up into the S tier, as it's a very interesting Pokemon. We're seeing the metagame shift around having a Trick Room setter that can also apply some serious pressure, and Meowscarda does that better than most. It has access to Knock Off, and Flower Trick as ways to apply pressure, while also having Trick Room and Focus Sash to near guarantee the move going off. But it also goes on non-trick room teams a well, as it also can have Sucker Punch, giving it a priority move to bring some quick pain.

A tier

In our A tier, all of these Pokemon are great as well. This tier includes fantastic sweepers such as Dragonite, Palafin, Dragapult and Hariyama. There are also support Pokemon, like Grimmsnarl, Arcanine, and Sylveon, and some set up Pokemon such as Talonflame, Farigaraf, Armarogue.

Murkow has fallen to the A-Tier, but don't let that sway you from using this Pokemon. It's still incredibly powerful, but it's not seeing as much usage in teams as the metagame develops.

B tier

In our B tier, we have another handful of Pokemon. These Pokemon are still quite strong in many teams, but have some drawbacks that make them vulnerable in the metagame. Other Pokemon in this tier are also situational Pokemon that might be strong in a specific composition, but not really so much outside of it. These include Pokemon such as Liligant, Cetitan or Abomisnow.

C tier

C tier Pokemon are Pokemon that are options that are used rarely in teams. Of note, Pawmot has moved up to this tier, as there are some teams that have been built around it that are seeing success. Additionally Flamigo has fallen from grace to the C tier, as the Dondozo and Tatsugiri teams no longer use it.

D tier

The only Pokemon in the D tier is Hatterene. It's still a solid Trick Room setter, but it has been outclassed by many stronger options.

F tier

The only F tier Pokemon is Electrode. Unfortunately, the four Pokemon dream team has fallen off in favor of only running Tatsugiri and Dondozo, and so Electrode no longer has a place on the team.

And that's all that we have for you! Be sure to check back in the coming weeks, as we'll update this list as the meta evolves. While you're here, why not check out some of our other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides, such as our guide to picnics, our Mystery Gifts codes guide, and our guide to Black Crystal Tera Raids.

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