Pokemon Scarlet and Violet clothes - All outfits, hairstyles, and customization options

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet customization

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet customization
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With every new trailer that comes out, we're getting a bigger picture of what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet clothes are going to be available. Here's our rundown of hairstyles, colours, facial customisation, and outfit options we've already seen, and how you'll be able to use these to customise your perfect trainer.

The Pokemon games have always let us change what our trainers wear, and partially what they look like. While there are no completely customisable characters still, there is the option to get a fresh new do at a salon, and go shopping for a brand new head-to-toe outfit.

Everyone is getting ready for the release of the Paldea region, and selecting which Scarlet and Violet starter they want in advance. Check out all the Pokémon we know that are in Generation 9, and look for some pre-orders right here.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet clothing options

In Scarlet and Violet, the two schools (Naranja and Uva) both have their own uniform. There are four versions of it corresponding to each season. Unfortunately, these are the only full clothing options we get. You can change in and out of these at any time by hitting the left-hand button on the D-pad. There are a few hats available to begin with, as well as extra shoes and socks.

The good news is there is a vast array of accessories - multiple hats and headbands including caps, beanies and berets are available, and various styles of glasses. You can choose different bags, gloves, eyewear and legwear to put on alongside your uniform. And, there are even different Rotom Phone cases!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet hairstyles

Each generation of Pokemon games seems to add more hair options than the last, and Scarlet and Violet do much the same.

Game Freak hasn't revealed all of the names or options available in the salon menus, but we have seen some on a menu screen of the latest trailer. These include:

  • Standard short cut
  • Typical side braid
  • Side fade
  • Short bob
  • Long and straight
  • Side part
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  • Slicked back
  • Long bob
  • Ponytail
  • Medium curls

We've compiled some pictures of the styles we have seen, some of which aren't on the list above. As more trailers come out, we'll flesh out this page with all the options available to us!

Scarlet and Violet trainer
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet customization options - All hair colours

Good news, trainers - this time, we can choose our hairstyle, hair colour, and eye colour at the beginning of the game! There are plenty of colours to choose from, including Scarlet, Violet, Black, White, Pink-brown, Wine Red, Green and Blue. Sadly, this is another instance where a natural ginger colour is not included - we either need to choose a bright orange or a brown.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet facial features - Eye styles and more

This time, it looks like we can add some more facial features, not just hair changes. Unfortunately, this still doesn't include beards, but we can now give our trainers freckles!

As usual, there is an option to wear some coloured 'contacts' to change our trainers' eye colours. The colours we've got include purple, red, ultramarine, and black; on top of the natural colours we see in real life.

There are plenty of eyelash shape options, and eyebrow styles too, so we can really change up our trainer's aesthetics.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come out in November, and we've got guides to check out before then: check out the new Terastal phenomenon, and the Titan Pokemon of the Paldea region that guard Herba Mystica.

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