Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Titans - all titans and what they do

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A Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The new quests in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have you travel with fellow classman Arven to the 'lairs of the Titans' to look for the Herba Mystica, but what are the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Titans? We've been given a quick glimpse in a new trailer, so it's time to start speculating about how Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Titans work, how to battle them, and how many titans are in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Information is thin on the ground for now as we've only just been given a glimpse at these large and in-charge 'Mons, but we can assume there will be more than one, and that they won't mess around. We've seen one dominating the Stony Cliff already, so expect one for each major landmark at the very least.

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What are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Titans?

These new Titan Pokemon are, for now, a bit of a mystery.

What we do know is that they are much bigger and stronger versions of the Pokemon we're used to, and guard Herba Mystica in the Paldea Region. They are part of the Path of Legends storyline where our trainers help out fellow student Arven to collect the mystical herbs, that are heavily guarded by the new Titans.

Allegedly, a few have been spotted in the wilds of Paldea, but we'll need to wait for some more information on those.

How many Titans are there?

In the trailer, we were introduced to our first Titan: a new Paldean Pokemon called Klawf. Based on a crab with rosy cheeks, there is a huge Titan version of the monster amongst normal-size specimens around the Stony Cliff. The trailer shows off a Sprigatito facing off against the giant crab, but that's all we get for now.

There are likely to be a handful of these Titan Pokemon across the region, likely one from each type. They may not all be new Paldean Pokemon, either. Klawf is the 'Stony Cliff Titan', so this suggests they will be placed in different biomes across the map, much like the Noble Pokemon in Legends: Arceus, or the Totem Pokemon that appeared in each Trial in Pokemon Sun and Moon as an analogue to that region's version of the gym challenge.

Klawf in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.



For now, the only Titan we know of is the new Pokemon we're introduced to in the trailer: Klawf, the Ambush Pokemon.

Resembling a stocky orange crab with hairy joints, it has eyes that can swivel and take in a 360 view of its surroundings. The Mon is seen in the trailer in a desert area, not near water, which matches its' Rock typing.

Its design is likely based on crabs that 'wear' sponges for protection, or Chinese Mitten Crabs that have bristly and almost furry claws. We see a gigantic Klawf clinging to a cliff, where it springs down and targets the trainer.

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