How to catch and evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The new Coin Chest Pokemon, Gimmighoul
January 12, 2022: With TPC confirming Gholdengo's existence, we now know for certain how to evolve Gimmighoul into the cheese string man.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are very nearly here, and leaks have been cropping up all over the place. It's all speculative until we know for sure, but here's a look at how to get and evolve Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If it can at all, of course.

Generation nine takes place in Paldea, a region based on Spain and the Mediterranean area around the Iberian Peninsula. There are plenty of returning Pokemon, and of course, a slew of new designs. Some of these have had fans scratching their heads as to how we will catch and evolve them, so here's a deeper dive into Gimmighoul and what we know.

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How to get and evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

After a bit of mystery leading up to the launch of the game, we now know how to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo. It's a grind, but it's possible.f

Confirming some pre-release leaks, you do need to collect 999 Gold Coins to evolve Gimmighoul - of any form - into Gholdengo. Once you have the coins, you just need to level up Gimmighoul once to trigger the evolution.

Initially, we thought you'd need to collect the coins in Pokemon GO and evolve Gimmighoul before transferring it over, but it turns out that you won't have to transfer it at all.

Instead, you need to collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and then level up your Gimmighoul while you have those coins in your inventory. At that point, Gimmighoul will evolve into Gholdengo.

How to get more Gimmighoul coins

You get Gimmighoul coins in two ways - finding Gimmighoul Roaming Form out in the wild, or battling Gimmighoul Chest Form. You'll get a handful for the former and around 50 for the latter.

Roaming Form Gimmighoul can be found on signposts, near Pokemon Centres, around ruins, and basically anywhere. They let out their cry from a distance, so you'll know when one is nearby. Just interact with the Gimmighoul to collect its coins.

Chest Form Gimmighoul, however, are more commonly found at the top of the towers scattered around Paldea. You'll need to scale these structures and beat (or catch) the Pokemon to claim around 10x the coins you'd typically get from a Roaming Form Gimmighoul.

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