Best Blade and Sorcery mods for 2023

A stormtrooper, Naruto and a medieval villager all together, for perhaps the first time in history.

A stormtrooper, Naruto and a medieval villager all together, for perhaps the first time in history.

Blade and Sorcery is a Virtual Reality, or VR, physics-based fighting sandbox game. It is filled to the brim with medieval weapons and scenery, allowing you to finally fulfil the gladiator fight of your dreams. The development team pride itself on the realistic weight and feel of weapons in-game, as well as the presence of other characters and structures. They want you to feel like you’re really there.

While this is an outstanding game on its own merits, the modding community flocked to it as the sandbox element lent itself nicely to different works. Some of the best mods for Blade and Sorcery focused on creating new weapons for the game, while others have made whole new worlds for players to explore. If the medieval aspect doesn’t appeal to you, then do not despair, as dozens of mods rework this element alone.

Mods have found themselves gaining more traction in recent years. While they were once difficult to find, they are now becoming more popular and accessible than ever. Sites such as Nexus Mods have created large, active communities that will often collaborate on different projects. They can be a great way to breathe new life into games you’ve already played, or make the experience more accessible if you’re struggling with a particular aspect.

We have a line-up of the best mods from last month's collections here, as well as the new VR mods for the Resident Evil games.

Best Blade and Sorcery mods for 2023

The Outer Rim

Available for download here

The player is attacking a Storm Trooper with a lightsaber
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Credit: Nexus Mods - User Kingo64
You can finally decide which Side you belong to

The Outer Rim is one of the most iconic mods for Blade and Sorcery, and for good reason. It provides a total overhaul of the experience and drops the player into the Star Wars universe. Not only does it have lightsabers and blasters, but hundreds of items and pieces of armour from the franchise.

This mod also has custom maps from across the Galaxy for you to explore and custom NPCs to interact with and fight. It is a must-see for even casual fans of Star Wars, as the added mechanics only make the base game more fun. It even has, of course, a Force mechanic for you to use against your enemies.


Available for download here

The hands are glowing blue and holding some rocks
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Credit: Nexus Mods - Davi3684 and LeoVanceMusic
Maybe now Kyoshi will finally answer my phonecalls

While there are some franchises that seem made for Blade and Sorcery, such as Star Wars, we shouldn’t overlook the less obvious ones either. This mod, inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender, uses spell abilities to give you earthbending powers. It’s actually very intuitive, you can use this skill to summon rocks under your hand, and you can launch them away from you. That’s not all though, you can summon pillars, earthquakes, and even meteor showers to fall from the sky.

You do not need to be a fan of the series in order to have fun with this mod. It relies on very little lore and focuses instead on translating elements of it into the game. It has reworked the sorcery elements to include the destructive force of the Earth. For those of us who are fans, however, it revives an old franchise into the modern gaming world.

Trials of the Shinobi

Available for download here

A wide view of a ninja village
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Credit: Nexus Mods - User Piepop101
It was difficult which picture to choose for this mod, so many of them are beautiful

Another complete conversion mod, Trials of the Shinobi brings you the ultimate first-person Naruto experience. It comes packed with all of the fan-favourite weapons from the series, including the throwing stars and even some character signature weapons. It even brings the Shinobi Jutsu into the game through the Sorcery system.

That’s not all though. User Piepop101 has lovingly recreated huge, beautiful maps from the Naruto world. Players will be able to explore and fight in the Hidden Leaf Village, Konoha and even the Waterfall.


Available for download here

A mans head is on a table along with some knives and DISMEMBERMENT in text
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Credit: Nexus Mods - User Piepop101
Dismember? I barely know 'er

One of the great things about medieval combat was that it was a little, graphic, let’s say. People didn’t shy away from limbs being torn off, no matter how much viscera ended up on spectators' clothes. This mod only emphasises this, by making the violence all the more fun!

Not only does it make dismembering and piercing easier and more rewarding, but this mod also works very well with other popular mods. Some examples include the Trials of Shinobi, because we’ve all wanted to dismember Naruto, and the Star Wars mods too.

Mine And Sorcery

Available for download here

A poor, Medieval villager is going up against something with not only a diamond sword, but an enchanted iron pickaxe too
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Credit: Nexus Mods - Max Hyper
I've always wanted to attack a medieval villager with a diamond pickaxe

There is only one thing more versatile than a fighting sandbox, and that’s a plain old sandbox. It’s only natural then, that Minecraft found its way to Blade and Sorcery. They work together surprisingly well, and it goes a little deeper than a simple reskin too.

There is a Minecraft-inspired arena to fight in, filled with all of the equipment that the miners left behind to play with, weapons and even some explosives if you’re unlucky! These aren’t restricted to the mines though. Once you’re out into the world you can use the pickaxes to scale walls, crossbows to mow down NPC and even boost your abilities with Minecraft potions.

Attack On Titan Gear Sword

Available for download here

A player is wielding two swords and is about to take on a Titan
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Credit: Nexus Mods - Butters and lilhusky
All of the fun of using ODM gear, without the risk!

No matter what you think about the Attack on Titan Finale, it’s undeniable that the ODM gear looks like it would be a lot of fun to use. While we’re still waiting for the Attack in Titan games to be released, we have mods to keep us satisfied.

This mod gives us the freedom to zoom around the city with swords. It has quite in-depth movement mechanics, including dashing, steering and even brakes, allowing you to rest on vertical walls. There are mods that add Titans into the game, as well as more equipment and experiences.


Available for download here

A large cavern, with a carved lions head glowing on the right
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Credit: Nexus Mods - Toastermufin
What I wouldn't give to explore this place

Nocturnus is an overhaul mod that was built from scratch for Blade and Sorcery. It’s a huge, sprawling fantasy map that could be straight out of Game of Thrones. The graphics are beautiful, you only need to look at the snow falling gently through a ray of light to see that.

There are also big plans in store for the mod. The developer, user Toastermufin, has discussed their roadmap for the mod's future. They want to add sprawling dungeons, castles, lore, and are even considering making a branching continent if people enjoy this mod.

Pirates Attack

Available for download here

Two women with swords on a gangplank of a pirate ship.
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Credit: Nexus Mods - 7iger
Ahoy there!

Another choice that doesn’t seem obvious at first, but once it’s pointed out, the potential for pirates in a fighting sandbox seems limitless. The nature of boarding another ship and fighting the crew in hand-to-hand combat is tense. There are planks of wood between the ships that you have to make sure you don’t fall off of, swinging ropes and sharks swimming around below you.

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