Fortnite Attack on Titan Crossover Rumours Surface Online

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An image of Naruto in Fortnite.

For those who enjoyed the recent crossover between Fortnite and Naruto, more good news could be on the horizon.

According to leaks posted on Reddit, dataminers may have uncovered some evidence suggesting that Attack on Titan could be in for a similar treatment at some point soon.

While nothing is confirmed by Epic Games as of yet, not surprising given that they’ve just announced and released some Wu-Tang Clan inspired crossover content, similar leaks have proven to be decent predictors of future Fortnite crossovers in the past.

Fortnite Attack on Titan Crossover Rumours Surface

So, what exactly has been uncovered? Well, the main piece of potential evidence exposed by the dataminers at the moment is the item shop background pictured above, which some Reddit users are arguing resembles the opening frame of Attack on Titan’s intro sequence.

The alleged name of this background could also serve as a hint, as user Heavyduty35, who posted the leaks on Reddit, suggests: “what is more, said background is code-named ‘rumble,’ which could be a tie to the ‘rumbling’ event of ‘Attack on Titan’.”

They also point out that this wouldn’t be the first time that a crossover has changed or edited in-game menus, citing the 2020 Deadpool crossover which saw the character move around panels in the item store as part of a unique background and 2019’s Star Wars ‘Rise of Skywalker pack, which changed loading screens into hyperspace animations.

Reddit user Jedi_Pacman replied to the post registering their scepticism regarding the leaks, saying: “this would be a welcome addition but the ‘evidence’ for it is very weak lol”.

User JillSandwich117 replied with a thorough assessment of the reliability of Fortnite leaks, saying: “With Fortnite and the dataminers, there have often been extremely vague clues that could realistically point toward anything, but somehow the leakers and then community latch onto what ends up correct.”

“I kind of think a couple of the biggest leakers have contact with someone or some build access that 100% confirms stuff to them in these cases, but hard confirmation would get someone in trouble.”, they continued, adding: “Then again, sometimes we see some pretty astoundingly bad leaps of logic.”

User XOVSquare also shared their unique approach to Fortnite leaks, saying: “Can we just assume that everything's in Fortnite and make it news when something isn't?”

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